Lumion Used by 51 of the Top 100 Architecture Firms

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In 2013, the World Architects Top 100 from Building Design announced 20 of the top architecture firms around the world used Lumion. Now that number has jumped to 51! More than half of the WA top 100 architecture firms are using Lumion as part of their design workflow.

Recently, Lumion sat down with established architects from these top firms and asked how Lumion software helped improve their business. We wanted to share some of the amazing Lumion features a few of these professionals credited as essential to their design process. Feel free to check out these interviews in their entirety at Lumion’s website.

Lumion Architect Tools

Image credit: Lumion 3D

Why Architects Rely on Lumion

J.J. Riestra, BIM Director at AECOM

AECOM ranks as the top firm in many global markets, and covers all architectural sectors. J.J. Riestra noted that the ability to create visualization quickly and easily without compromising quality was a huge help to his organization. “It’s a tool that makes anyone feel like an expert,” he stated.

In terms of technical features, Riestra points to Lumion’s camera accuracy as something that can “make or break” design visualizations. Lumion supports artistic needs, as well as design tools. Presenting designs with background music and a movie of your design can help push your visualization just a little further.

*Final Impression: Lumion is fast and easy to learn. Riestra credits the artistic, 3D movie tools with an accurate perspective of designs.

Tal Aisenberg, Senior Landscape Architect at WATG

WATG are landscape architects, planners, architects, interior designers and strategists with offices around the world. Tal Aisenberg noticed a “radical impact” on the WATG workflow since introducing Lumion to its offices. “With Lumion, the results are almost instantaneous and that has significantly changed the workflow in terms of feedback and managing iterations,” Aisenberg noted.

Along with speeding up the design workflow, Aisenberg also credits Lumion’s wide pallet of effects for successful architectural visualizations. Lumion can handle a variety of projects on various project scales. “There’s nothing out there that can do that. We know because we have a specialism in landscape architecture and we often work with large models…The landscape team haven’t managed to break it yet, although they keep trying to push the boundaries towards ever larger scenes!”

*Final Impression: Lumion expedites the design workflow, allowing you to create and edit visualization faster. The effects available and the scale of visualizations help WATG architects create designs for various types of projects (architectural renders, urban planning, landscape, etc.).

**For a full look at these interviews and interviews with more top designers, please visit the Lumion website.

Lumion Pricing is Better than Ever

Lumion pricing is based on the Euro, and right now the Euro to US Dollar exchange rate is better than ever. Now is the time for USA-based architects and architecture students to take advantage of great prices. Studica provides commercial and academic licensing for those interested in using Lumion’s impressive software in and outside of the classroom. Academic institutions save big with up to 90% off commercial licensing.

Discover for yourself why so many top architectural firms rely on Lumion!


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