March Brings Exciting 2019 Teacher Webinars

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March Winds Bring Exciting 2019 Teacher Webinars

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For over 30 years, Studica has taken the needs of educators and paired them with the resources and technology that boost classroom engagement and productivity. By offering a wide variety of solutions, we have something every teacher can benefit from. Choose from STEM programs, animation, engineering design, language learning, robotics, controls, the internet of things, and much more. It may not be a pot of gold under a rainbow, but our line-up of teacher webinars will help you find solutions that make your students feel lucky they have you.

March Teacher-Focused Webinars

If you are a teacher, you don’t need luck. These webinars are excellent resources to help you succeed!

Siemens STEM Curriculum: Engineering DesignMarch 12th at 3 PM
fischertechnik Robotics – An Overview Register Now

March 13th at 3 PM
Exploring Robotics & Controls Education Solutions Sign Up Now

March 14th at 3 PM
Siemens STEM Curriculum: Engineering Design Reserve your Spot

March 19th at 3 PM
Elementary STEM Education with fischertechnik Register Now

March 20th at 3 PM
March Teacher WebinarsIntroduction to IoT using fischertechnik Sign Up Now

March 21st at 1 PM
Exploring STEM Fundamentals with fischertechnik Reserve your Spot

March 21st at 3 PM
Toon Boom Animation in Education for Colleges & Universities
Register Now

March 26th at 3 PM
Project- Based Learning
featuring fischertechnik Education STEM PREP & STEM Engineering Sign Up Now

FT-STEM-Fundamentals-WebinarMarch 27th at 3 PM
Explore Career Pathways with Toon Boom Animation for High Schools Register Now

March 28th at 1 PM
Enhance Language Learning with Babbel for Education Reserve your Spot

March 28th at 3 PM
Robotic Competitions with Standards-focused Curriculum Sign Up Now

Teach Young Students about STEM

fischertechnik Elementary STEM curriculumYoung learners are naturally curious and still developing essential cognitive skills. So why are most students not exposed to STEM concepts until middle school? Getting your students accustomed to STEM concepts at a young age can help them throughout their education. Begin with the simple machines they use every day. The fischertechnik Education Introduction to STEM I set allows you to use hands-on projects to engage students in STEM learning. It is designed specifically for grades 2-4. Plus, it provides you with a complete standards-based curriculum specifically designed for elementary students. Request the Complimentary Curriculum.

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