Robotics Competitions Made Simple with fischertechnik

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Robotics Competitions Made Simple with fischertechnik

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From battle bots to local competitions, robotics competitions are increasing in popularity. Why? For one, they are a great way to get students involved with core STEM areas like electronics & programming. Students respond to hands-on learning and with the increased emphasis on STEM education, these competitions are a perfect solution. They are a win-win for students, parents, and teachers.

Students gain confidence as they build important skill sets such as communication, teamwork, and thinking on your feet. Problem-solving is another crucial skill developed during competitions. Parents and teachers are happy to see students learning important skill sets and gaining experience that will no doubt, help them build strong futures.

Getting Started with Robotics

fischertechnik Education Robotics Competition SetIf you have a STEM program in place that you want to bring to the next level, competitions are an excellent way to allow students to be creative and give them an avenue to apply what they have learned in class. The Robotics Competition Set offered by fischertechnik Education is designed to provide a pathway for exploring the subjects of robotics & coding, through the focus on creating mobile robotic models for use in a competition setting. Plus, it includes standards-focused curriculum developed by noted Educator and STEM Expert, Tom White.

Obviously, jumping into a regional or even national competition can be a little intimidating at first. This new set serves as a bridge of sorts. You can develop a school-wide competition that can teach students how to compete but in a less stressful environment. It’s a great exercise to build confidence. So if you don’t feel prepared to join a larger competition, or you want to develop your own, this set is the perfect solution for you. It will provide all the materials you need, physical and instructional, to get started.

Sign up for Robotics Competitions Webinar

FT-Robotics-CompetitionJoin Studica for an educational webinar will discuss how the fischertechnik Education and this new Robotics Competition Set can help introduce students to electronics and programming. Review the standards-focused curriculum materials provided. Get inspired with ideas for class activities, after-school programs, and competitions.

This webinar is recommended for any teacher looking to start a robotics competition at the school level, and also those looking to have students participate at the national or international level.

Robotics Competitions with fischertechnik Webinar

Date: August 14th (Tuesday)  Time: 3 – 4 PM Eastern
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