Robotics made easy as 1-2-3 with new Mini Bots set

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Fischertechnik Robotics for KidsThe new fischertechnik Education Mini Bots offer a unique approach to robotics by making it simple for children to learn. These clever robot models make it easy to follow lines and avoid obstacles. This one set can build action robots using actuators and sensors, such as IR trail searchers and push-buttons. The Mini Bot programs are saved on the fischertechnik electronics module and can be adjusted with the DIP switches. As the latest offering from fischertechnik Education, this set provides a new entry point to their acclaimed line of robotic products. The fischertechnik Education Mini Bots set (#533876) allows children age 8 and above to jump right into the exciting world of mobile robotics. The set includes 145 pieces, including a pre-programmed control module, for building 5 different robotic models, including a basic mobile robot, a trail searcher, an obstacle detector, and more.

Child-friendly Robotics

This set allows students to explore the fundamentals of robotics, such as working with and learning about actuators, sensors, and switches. One of the models is also designed to be a “teach-in” robot, meaning that students use a variation on a remote control to move the robot to different positions, which are saved in the robot’s programming. In effect, the robot ‘’learns” this new positioning.

All-in all, this set is a great way to engage young minds, and to introduce them to how robots work. It is designed to be user friendly, and with a list price of only $150.00 each, it is by far the most affordable fischertechnik robotics set. Aside from a 9 V battery that is required for powering the models, everything else you need is included in the box. In addition, this set also includes a special code for unlocking additional instructional materials and animations on the new fischertechnik eLearning Portal. You can preview the eLearning Portal by visiting, but once again, you will need the special access code included in the set to view all the materials.

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