SnapFashun: Runway Trends Delivered to the Classroom

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We may not have a runway to show off all the great designs coming from the fashion design software, SnapFashun, but we’ll do our best in today’s blog entry. SnapFashun is the world’s most expansive library of vector-based fashion sketches. With thousands of individual reference assets, students are able to ‘snap’ together and customize designs to create their own fashion trends. Fill up your portfolios, trend boards, pattern cards, line sheets and more with your custom designs in record time.

SnapFashun works in conjunction with Adobe Illustrator CC, offering students and teachers an interactive reference library and a browser to store and retrieve sketches. This is an indispensable learning tool for all fashion classes and programs!

How It Works

SnapFashun is the perfect fashion tool for beginners and professionals alike. Modify thousands of sketches with ease and experience the fun of fashion design!
SnapFashun How It Works

  1. Select an item from one of the six design libraries
  2. Ungroup it – breaking it into its different components
  3. Clean it up – make alterations as necessary
  4. Select new details from another sketch
  5. Paste new details on your existing design
  6. Add pattern and color!


SnapFashun Created with Students in Mind

SnapFashion StudentsSnapFashun quickly and easily trains students to use the necessary tools of Adobe Illustrator. It also teaches them the correct terms in regards to fashion details and silhouettes. If you’re interested in breaking into the fashion industry, it is essential to acquire these verbal and technical skills. SnapFashun offers students and educators a guide through industry standards, while also providing design tools that support their creativity.

Discover unlimited design possibilities with a variety of presets available in the SnapLibraries. Each SnapLibrary has thousands of preselected sketches that create an interactive reference experience. Select assets to customize from one of the six libraries, which include: Women’s Collection, Men’s Collection, Costume, In-store, Kids and Handbags Collection.  Jackets, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, swimwear – you name it, SnapFashun has it! All of it fully customizable to fit your fashion design vision.

SnapFashun Offers More than Fashion Design

SnapFashion StoreFront

SnapFashion DesignDefinitely a standout feature for many students and educators, the In-store SnapLibrary allows students to create their own store layouts, or choose from existing ones filled with fixtures and mannequins. More than simply focusing on fashion designs, the interactive In-Store feature is sure to enhance your merchandising and visual display classes.

Also, you can add items from any of the other SnapFashun Libraries onto mannequins or wall displays to create a layout for your floor plans. In-store assets include complete store backdrops, floor and wall fixtures, hanging merchandise and mannequins. Use them as you see fit to make your designs come alive in a remarkable, personalized merchandising display.

SnapFashun for Education

SnapFashun offers academic pricing for students, faculty and educational institutions. This fashion design software works seamlessly with Adobe Illustrator CC, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Take your fashion designs to new heights with digital rendering and illustration. This is the perfect tool for both physical and remote classroom settings. Learn how SnapFashun can make a difference in your fashion education.

*All images provided by SnapFashun

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