March STEM Solutions & Education Webinars Announced

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March STEM Solutions & Education Webinars Announced

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Sometimes the rainbow leads to a pot of exciting ways to engage your students in learning. We may not be leprechauns, but us Studica folk have made it our business to connect the best education technology products and STEM solutions to the classrooms that need them. The gold we offer comes in the form of academic discounts that can save a pretty penny. But let’s be serious for a moment, we’ve compiled an assortment of March webinars that cover topics such as animation in education, language learning, solutions for elementary students, project-based learning, and more. So march ahead and see what we have in store for you!

Education Webinars – STEM Solutions

March-STEM-Education-WebinarsHere are our webinar listings. Take a moment to secure your spot today.
If you are interested in a webinar, but for some reason can’t attend – contact Studica.

Project- Based Learning
featuring fischertechnik Education STEM PREP & STEM Engineering
3/14, Wednesday 3-4 PM Eastern – Register Now

Explore Career Pathways with Toon Boom Animation for High Schools
3/20, Tuesday 3 – 3:30 PM Eastern – Reserve Your Spot

Toon Boom animation for EducationToon Boom Animation in Education for Colleges & Universities
3/21, Wednesday 3-3:30 PM Eastern – Sign Up Now

Teaching STEM with fischertechnik
3/22,  Thursday 3-4 PM Eastern – Register Now

STEM and Game Design
3/27, Tuesday 3-4 PM Eastern – Reserve Your Spot

Elementary STEM Education with fischertechnik
3/28, Wednesday 3-4 PM Eastern – Sign Up Now

Enhance Language Learning with Babbel for Education
3/29,  Thursday 3-3:30 PM Eastern – Register Now

The New Way to Learn a Language

Language Learning with Babbel

Have you heard of Babbel? This comprehensive language learning system is the new way to teach and learn a language. Now, Studica brings to you Babbel for education. Use this effective program that combines state of the art technology with proven education methods to solidify your students’ language learning. It is a great tool for helping with grammar and pronunciation skills. The best part is that the languages are spoken by true native speakers. The speech recognition software then reviews your student’s response for accuracy. If you haven’t used Babbel before, educators can request a free trial license (currently, this offer is only valid in the United States and Canada).

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