Studica Celebrates 30 Years of Business

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Studica is celebrating 30 years of uniting technology with education! This milestone is all in thanks to our dedicated customers and the incredible companies we’ve had the privilege to work with over the years. Education is constantly evolving with technology. We at Studica strive to stay on top of the trends and provide schools around the world with the best, most relevant classroom solutions possible. From STEM sets to design software – we are here to offer our customers the best for less.

30 Years in the Making

Unity Frank Nanfara30 years ago, Studica’s co-founders Frank Nanfara and Tony Uccello decided to go into business for themselves selling CNC, CAM and CAD software to schools and students in the United States and Canada. These two recent engineering grads had little sales experience, but they knew that there was a need in the academic market to help schools integrate professional technology into their classrooms.

Turns out, they were right! The need for technology and complete classroom solutions steadily increased and Studica began to grow. What was once two college grads working out of a single room, became offices in several different countries around the world. Today, Studica offers students, educators and academic institutions the best in STEM education, Robotics, Coding and Programming, CAD/CAM and much more. Products they need at academic prices they can afford.

Supporting the next generation of learners was Frank and Tony’s goal and 30 years later we are still finding new ways to achieve that.

Studica Builds Lasting Partnerships

Da Vinci Frank NanfaraStudica is always in search of new technology and different ways that we can support our academic customers. Because of this, we couldn’t be more grateful for the many innovative companies we work alongside every year. Our brand partners are responsible for revolutionizing education and manufacturing some of the most powerful software and technology products available. We look for industry-standard products that will offer students and teachers the relevant technology they need to prepare for successful futures in higher education and career fields.

Studica works with some of your favorite, must-have brands including: National Instruments, IBM SPSS, Dremel, Lumion, Adobe, Avid, PTC, Wacom, Pantone and many, many more.

Studica Learns from You

Studica LearnsStudica’s lasting relationship with its customers is the key element behind our last 30 years of success. We value your feedback, letting us know what we can do better and informing us of new demands in your classrooms. Over the course of 30 years, Studica has used customer feedback to improve our customer service, better our curriculum offerings and even suggest changes and/or additions to upcoming releases from some of our top brands. Your voice matters to us, and we thank you for the time you spend sharing your experiences with us.

Learn more about the past 30 years and what’s next for Studica, visit us at or take a look at our 30th Anniversary Celebration page.

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