Unity Certified Developer Program for Student Success

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Unity Certified Developer Program

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Unity Development PlatformEver since Studica started selling Unity, customers have asked us if there was a certification program available for it. Unfortunately, the answers used to always be a resounding “no”. However, as of today, Unity offers a Unity Certified Developer Program with special incentives for schools – both secondary and post-secondary. Referring back to our recent blog post, this certification program was designed with education and commercial applications in mind.

Educators utilizing Unity in their classrooms have been eager for some kind of program that students could pursue to become certified in the software. Likewise, commercial game developers were interested in seeing applicants with this kind of certification, so they could interview potential hires and determine if they had the baseline understanding necessary for working on their commercial productions in Unity.

What is the Unity Certified Developer Exam?

Unity has compiled a list of learning objectives for their exam. Ideally, someone looking to become certified would want to look through these objectives and make sure they have a clear understanding of all the concepts listed. The intent of the examination is to make sure the user has an understanding of all aspects of the Unity engine. This means that you will want to understand animations, animation controllers, programming, game objects, lighting, audio, file types and much more. It also means that the examination is very comprehensive.

Unity Certified Developer CoursewareThis is noticeably different from certain certification programs for other software, which have multiple certification paths that specialize in certain features. However, Unity has made it clear that they will be offering different levels of Unity certification in the future, including “Certified Professional Programmer”, “Certified Professional Artist”, and “Certified Expert”. While these levels of certification are not available currently, the general certification exam demonstrates your understanding of the Unity platform on a high technical level. Due to this, you’ll want to be sure you know as much as you can about every aspect of the software.

Is there courseware available that is directly related to the exam? Yes, Unity Certified Developer Courseware has been developed for the classroom and beyond. The Unity Certified Developer Courseware focuses on the following:

  • Includes 14 hours (~2 days) of instructional videos, developed by Unity Technologies.
  • Teaches key concepts in both coding and game design – develop an end-to-end understanding of game creation with Unity.
  • Focuses on best practices – learn the best and most efficient methods for building a game with Unity.
  • Includes game project files – follow along and learn hands-on through the direct application of skills.
  • Covers 20 topic areas specifically geared toward preparation for Unity Certified Developer Exam.
  • Available in 1, 3, and 6-month Access Passes – learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

If you are interested in the courseware, visit our Unity store and contact us with a quote request.

How to Take the Unity Certified Developer Exam

Made with UnityUnity offers the exam at “Certification Events”. They have compiled a list of upcoming Unity Certification Events. If there are no events in your area, there is a link on that page to request an event in your area. Your results are given to you immediately upon completion and you will find out whether or not you passed.

Studica is very excited about Unity’s decision to create a certification program that offers new resources to educators, students, and hobbyists. The Unity platform is quickly becoming the industry standard for mobile game development and the inclusion of this certification program will help ensure that students and hobbyists have access to a pathway into the industry. Hopefully, this will help encourage educators and students to adopt Unity in their coursework.

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Blogger: Mark Philipp, Application Engineer at Studica

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