Unity Certification and Courseware Supports Education

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Unity Certification and Courseware Supports Education

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Unity Technologies has revolutionized the game industry with Unity, a powerful development platform that is used to create games and interactive experiences. Unity now supports 25 platforms across 2D, 3D, VR and AR.  Of the top 1,000 grossing games, 30% have been built with Unity, reaching over 1.5 billion devices. The mission of Unity has always been to create a level playing field for developers and to democratize game development. Their recent announcement to offer a Unity Certification Program and Courseware supports this vision.

Unity Certified Development Program

Unity Certification ProgramTo prepare your students for bright careers in game development, you need to provide them with the knowledge and skills that game studios are looking for. Providing them with a clear path for learning, preparing and evaluating key skills in game design and development is essential. The Unity Certified Development program fulfills this need. Unity Development Courseware is available to prepare your students for the Unity Certified Developer exam that allows your students to prove their game development knowledge in the marketplace. Learn more about the different options available for Secondary schools and Post-Secondary schools.

Unity Certification Program

The Unity Certification Program is the first industry-standard established game production practices for Unity that verifies programming skills and game design knowledge. With the assistance from education partners and industry, Unity has identified a baseline of the foundational skills required for careers in game development. They have also determined what knowledge is required to have a complete understanding of the entire game production process with Unity. This first level of certification is the Unity Certified Developer. Unity plans to release additional certifications that will address more advanced and specialized skill sets.

Unity Certified Developer Courseware

Unity Certified Developer CoursewareComing soon, Unity will offer an online learning program that will help students learn game development best practices and prepare for the Unity Certified Developer Program. This courseware will compliment and support learning science principles and map to the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Hands-on project-based exercises and instructional video content will be included.

Engage your students in STEM learning and provide them with skills that will help create bright futures.  Contact Studica to learn more about the Unity options available for your school.

In addition to the classroom options, Unity 5 Professional Edition student and faculty licenses are available at Studica in the USA.

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