A Look at the New 3D Printers from XYZPrinting

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AiO 3d printersXYZPrinting is one of the leading companies in the realm of consumer-friendly 3D Printers. With their inexpensive, plug-and-play da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer, XYZPrinting has established themselves as a supportive and innovative company. While the da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer is certainly a great piece of hardware, XYZPrinting has decided to step up their game and develop the new da Vinci 1.0 AiO 3D Printer/Scanner.

The Future of 3D Printing and Scanning

The da Vinci AiO is exactly as its name suggests: an all-in-one 3D Printer and Scanner. As one of the few all-in-one solutions on the market, it’s certainly a welcome addition to the 3D Printing world. At a price of $799 (USD), it’s the most affordable, all-in-one 3D Printer on the market. This also puts it at a lower price-point than most other consumer grade 3D Printers, which don’t even include a scanner.

3d printed objects

The da Vinci 1.0 AiO can build objects as large as 7.8” x 7.8” x 7.8” using fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology. FFF technology means that the printer builds objects layer upon layer using a heated nozzle to extrude the ABS material onto a heated platform. The heated platform on the AiO ensures that your object sticks to the base while your build is processing. This feature keeps your object securely on the platform, making sure that it doesn’t pop off and completely ruin your build. You can select from two different kinds of filament material for the AiO printer: ABS or PLA. The AiO also uses a proprietary filament cartridge, which allows it to give you details regarding how much material you have left, much like modern-day standard printers.

The scanner on the AiO is able to scan objects as large as 6”x6”x6”. The scanner uses XYZPrinting’s software – called XYZScan – to render your scan into a .STL file that you can then export or modify however you see fit. The scanner itself uses asymmetric Laser Sensor technology. There is a turntable built into the platform at the bottom of the printer. The turntable rotates the object clockwise while the lasers scan it. XYZPrinting states that they have a scanning algorithm that automatically fills in voids on your model with proper textures and curves. According to the XYZPrinting specifications, the scanner has an accuracy and resolution of 0.25 mm.

da Vinci 1.0 AiO 3D Printer/Scanner

The da Vinci 1.0 AiO is able to both print and scan .STL and .XYZ Format file types. Being that .STL seems to be the most widely used file format, you will be able to print just about anything you download or create. Design and print from most of today’s premier design software, such as PTC Creo, Chief Architect, Skanect, Solidworks and much more. XYZWare and XYZScan both have multiple options to modify your build or your scan to the specifications that you desire.

The AiO marks a big leap forward in 3D Printing. To have such technology at such an affordable price shows just how far we have come and where the technology will go in the coming years. With companies like XYZPrinting creating such advanced and user-friendly products, the 3D printing revolution will be here sooner, rather than later.

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New Pro Tools Support and Upgrades with “Avid Everywhere”

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Pro Tools Offer Ending SoonTime is running out for those of you interested in taking advantage of Avid’s amazing ‘Avid Everywhere’ offers on Pro Tools software. If you know anything about sound production, you are well aware of the powerhouse that is Avid Pro Tools. Now, for a limited time, the company known worldwide for setting industry standards in audio production is offering its latest digital audio workstation at incredible prices with even more incredible support options.

Purchase Avid Pro Tools 11 today and receive a full year of support and feature upgrades. Pro Tools isn’t just used by students all over the world, but it is also utilized by some of the most highly recognized audio professionals worldwide. For instance, you can experience the webinar with Avid hosts Tony Cariddi and Tom Graham as they chat with the Abbey Road Studio team about how they used Pro Tools to stay relevant and continue the studio’s success. Abbey Road is the legendary studio responsible for recording albums from artists including the Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Foo Fighters, Kate Bush, Adele and many, many more. It is also charged with recording and mixing of some of today’s major film scores. Most recently, the box office hits Interstellar and The Imitation Game were recorded by Abbey Road Studios. Avid Pro Tools is a powerful program that is dynamic enough for professionals with an intuitive interface accessible to students.

The Deal with ‘Avid Everywhere’

The ‘Avid Everywhere’ campaign is meant to highlight Avid’s presence in audio production throughout various industries. Indeed, the more you realize how many professionals use this software, the more it becomes apparent that Avid really is all around you. It’s in our movies, music, television, radio and now – thanks to ‘Avid Everywhere’ – it is even more accessible in classrooms and on our home computers. Purchase a Pro Tools license or upgrade and you are instantly eligible for product support and all features upgrades for an entire year. But that’s not the end of it. If you purchase and register a Pro Tools 11 license before December 31st, 2014, you’ll get full support and feature upgrades through the end of March 2016.*

So what makes Avid Pro Tools 11 the audio production software of choice? Many point to the new audio engine with 64-bit architecture. What does this do for you?

  • More processing power than Pro Tools 10
  • Add a large number of virtual effects and instruments like never before
  • Handle really big sessions and still have enough memory to go larger
  • More accurate processing and mixing
  • Maximize your plug-in counts with dynamic host processing
  • Ultra-low latency, no need to sacrifice performance, with a dedicated input

Affordable Pro Tools Licenses and Upgrades

Pro Tools 11Now is the time to purchase licenses and upgrades for Avid Pro Tools 11. Educators and students can benefit more than ever from their academic status with savings of up to $600. Save hundreds of dollars and get support and free uploads for the next two years? Seems like a win, win. Learn more about what Pro Tools has to offer and take advantage of industry-standard software that is sure to inspire the next generation of artists and media professionals.

*Licenses and upgrades must be registered with Avid in order to take advantage of this offer.

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How to Find the Best Scholarships for Graphic Design

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Are you a student looking for Graphic Design scholarships? We know college costs keep rising, so we are here to help you find the best scholarships around. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Graphic Design scholarships currently available. Take a look and start applying! Best of luck.

Top 5 Scholarships for Graphic Design

#1: Smith Micro Avatar Challenge


Deadline: December 31, 2014

Get started with your application: Register now!

Info: Students grades 9 and up can enter a nationwide contest designing animated characters for mobile messaging.  Winners receive great prizes, and even better, get national exposure for their designs through Sprint’s Avatar Messaging app. The program encourages development of visual communication, creative design and engineering skills which are critical in today’s digital and mobile society.

In addition, qualified educators from any accredited secondary, college or trade school can register for free copies of Smith Micro‘s Anime Studio® animation software for themselves and their students.

#2: “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest


  • One Grand Prize – $1,000 scholarship and $1,000 donation to the winner’s school
  • Four $1,000 scholarship winners

Deadline: March 3, 2015

Info: Diplomaframe.com invites you to show them how you would “frame your future“. Submit an original creative image including a photograph, collage, poem, drawing, painting, and more. Include a short accompanying description of 500 characters or less.

#3: American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Scholarship

Award(s): Multiple Scholarships from $500 – $5,000

Deadline: March 28, 2015

Info: Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships benefit minority and economically disadvantaged students studying art and design disciplines. The goal is to increase diversity in creative professions, and to foster social and environmental responsibility in the graphic designers, and studios of tomorrow.

#4: Influence Print Award for Design Excellence

Award(s): One $1,000 scholarship

Deadline: Dec. 31, 2014

Info: Influence Print’s first annual visual communication design scholarship is offered for students majoring or interested in graphic design with strong academic records and outstanding creative abilities.

5. Hoods Memorial Scholarship   

Award(s): One $2,000 scholarship

Deadline: May 1, 2015

Info: The Hoods Memorial Scholarship focuses on all Document Management and Graphic Communications careers with special consideration given to students interested in marketing and public relations.

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Pantone Names Color of the Year for 2015

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Pantone 2015 Color YearEvery year the Pantone Color Institute announces its color of the year, which reigns supreme for the next 365 days in the design world. This year Pantone has dubbed Marsala – named after Sicilian wine – the 2015 color of the year. Pantone is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication for designers, manufacturers, retailer and yes even you, the customer.

For over 50 years, Pantone has inspired design professionals with products and leading color technology for the expression of creativity. According to the Pantone panels of experts, “[Marsala], enriches your mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability.” This red-brown hue is markedly different from the 2014 color, Radiant Orchid. This year Pantone’s color palette is taking its cue from nature and incorporating cooler, softer color choice with subtle warm tones.

Pantone MarsalaThe internet’s reaction to the announcement yesterday has been a mixed bag. Some seem excited by the natural tones that inspire the new color collection, while others feel it is not reminiscent of earth tones so much as a dull version of colors past. Whatever the consensus, it seems that major brands (Gap, Sephora, Crate and Barrel, etc.) are already taking notice and releasing items in this unique shade. What do you think?

Pantone Universe

You don’t have to wait for your favorite store to start carrying items with Pantone’s innovative colors. Pantone Universe is a collection of lifestyle products based on fashion trends for the consumer. Still looking for the perfect gift for that impossible person? Pantone Universe is a great place to find a present that is unique and still practical.

Brighten up your Christmas tree with a Pantone Mimosa ornament, while supplies last. Put together a mug set of 2014’s best Pantone colors. Take note of upcoming trends in style in one of three vibrant notebooks. Whatever your everyday use of color inspiration, Pantone Universe has something to get your creativity jumpstarted. Get your hands on colors which express the mood of a generation.

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EAGLE by CadSoft Brings Innovations to PCB Design Software

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CadSoft specializes in the development of CAD software for PCB rapid prototyping and has been providing engineers with quality, innovative technology for over 25 years. EAGLE – CadSoft’s flagship product – is a user-friendly, powerful and affordable software solution for efficient printed circuit board design (PCB design) and combines the modules schematic editor, layout editor and autorouter into a single interface. Students and educators no longer need multiple programs to get the job done right. Academic pricing on EAGLE software provides you the same core functionality as expensive commercial software, at a fraction of the cost.

For those of us that are not engineers, CAD software may seem a bit out of our depth. But if you’re looking to introduce yourself or your classroom to the possibilities of technology and engineering with an easy to use solution that isn’t lacking in sophistication, EAGLE is your answer. Whether you are a team of one, or part of a larger engineering department, you’ll get the same quality and innovation you need. This kind of versatility is made possible by the program’s compatibility and the integration of various features.

EAGLE: Three Modules. One Solution.

Printed circuit board (PCB) design allows students to create PCBs that mechanically and electrically connect electronic components using conductive traces, pads and other features. EAGLE helps them design and analyze these electronic systems. Take a look at how the program’s three modules help you accomplish this.


EAGLE schematicThe schematic module is where students draw out their designs for the circuit board. It is broken down into four sections:

  • Place the part symbols where you want them on your circuit board
  • Draw buses
  • Draw the nets
  • Move and edit the circuit design as you wish

Upon completion of a student’s design, EAGLE allows him or her to perform an Electrical Rule Check (ERC). This process will point out errors in the design, such as open input pins, nets without pins, conflicting inputs, etc.


EAGLE layoutThe layout module is where students create the board from the schematic they designed previously. Here they can create a new window with all the parts arranged net to a default board outline. All the ets from the schematic are shown as airwires. The process is as follows:

  • Place the parts on your board – Move parts to their desired position, rotate groups and/or parts and recalculate airwire if necessary
  • Edit the board – At any time you can change parameters, split wires, move objects, etc.
  • Route Signals – This can be done manually or using the following module, Autorouter


EAGLE autorouterThis module is especially beneficial for academic organizations. EAGLE is equipped with an Autorouter which is included with all EDU licenses and has the ability to route conventional and SMD layouts on up to 16 layers. This feature is also fully integrated into the layout editor. Allow your students to focus on schematics and or design layout, before delving into routing. Once that is mastered, students can update their designs and then manually route their circuit board.

Teaching System Design with an Industry Standard

Cadsoft EAGLE is easy to learn and allows students to create professional PCB designs. The leading circuit design tool for the Maker and Educational communities for years, an industry standard for Open Source design for over 25 years, EAGLE will also provide students with career qualifications upon completion of their education. Get the best for less, adopt EAGLE for your classroom and make the leap away from complex, expensive PCB design software. EAGLE is fully supported on the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, and each perpetual license includes maintenance and support.

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Impero Incorporates Breakthrough iPad Functionality

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This summer, Studica partnered with Impero at the ISTE 2014 Conference in order to promote digital learning in the classroom. Impero’s flagship product, Education Pro, is packed full of real solutions to the challenges educators face in managing digital devices in the classroom. We want to stress “digital device management”, because Impero has recently announced that it will be adding iPad and Chromebook monitoring capabilities to its powerhouse functionality.

Impero BlogImpero is a leader in remote management and monitoring solutions for schools. The latest version of Education Pro will have improved iPad functionality, which will allow administrators and educators to view the screens of all iPad users remotely and in real-time. You can look forward to incorporating this new feature into your management system this month, October 2014. This announcement was also followed-up with the assurance that similar functionality for the Chromebook will be launching in January 2015. The adoption of these devices in classrooms around the world has exploded over the last few years. Educators are in need of an easy way to manage and monitor what students are doing on these devices. Impero is providing them with just that!

Impero Education Pro is Secure, Affordable & Focused

  • Save Money Impero Education Pro starts saving your school money from the day it is installed. The cost of running a busy network is dramatically reduced through the control of printing and managing power. The power management features has proven to give a typical return on investment in just 6-8 months.
  • Save Time Time saved is the most commonly reported benefit of Impero Education Pro. This program allows IT directors to respond to issues and fix problems remotely. In doing so, it reduces classroom downtime while waiting for IT support. Educators also see a decrease in time spent on classroom administration, since activities (such as grading, logging students onto the network, etc.) are all automated.
  • Student Safety The risks of students viewing unsuitable content, giving out personal information, cyber-bullying, grooming all disappear with Impero Education Pro. This program is designed to keep students safe in an online environment. It provides you with real-time alerts and closely monitors students to deter inappropriate behavior and highlight any violations as they occur.
  • Focused Learning Education Pro is designed to keep students on task and encourages positive behavior in the classroom. Staff are given the ability to monitor computer and device usage in real-time. They can set up violation alerts, while also blocking certain websites, applications or devices. These functions serve to focus learning and remove distractions associated with online learning.
  • Go Green Cut down on unnecessary waste and reduce your carbon footprint with Education Pro. This program allows you to manage reasonable power usage and issue printing limits to curb material consumption. All this promotes a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly learning environment.

Impero Has the Best Solutions for Your School

Education Pro unifies elements of network management so you can have complete control over your busy school network. Teachers benefit with classroom management tools, internet safety settings and real-time control of the digital learning environment, whether that means computers, iPads, Chromebooks or a combination thereof. Students benefit also with a focus on learning, removing distraction and providing a safe online experience. Get in touch with the latest Impero has to offer and take advantage of academic pricing on this powerful software.

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Getting to Know Sphero Robotics (& Special Offer)

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We’ve caught a bit of maker fever here at Studica. Recently, we’ve expanded our Robotics offerings to include some brilliant products that inspire hands-on engagement with technology and engineering in the classroom. One of our favorites is definitely Sphero and his new companion, Ollie. Sphero is a company – named after its flagship robot – that specializes in “connected play.” This means that it is passionate about creating products that are connected to the latest in technology and robotic innovations.

sphero robotic ballUnlike traditional learning resources, these robots and software allow you to create ever-evolving experiences that change the way you have fun, learn and explore. Sphero is the world’s first app-controlled robotic ball and is a sophisticated companion for your smartphone or tablet. Its successor, Ollie, is just as fun and educational. Ollie is programmed for tricks and has a lot more customization options. Fusing technology and robotics engages students in an entirely new way. It inspires them to pursue technology, rather than be intimidated by it. Programming isn’t easy, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to give young students the resources they need. Products like Sphero can help.

Sphero uses Play as a Powerful Teacher

Whether you’re an educator or a parent, the lessons included in Sphero products give kids a fun, interactive experience in programming. Watch as they engage in a new subject, while also sharpening their existing math and science skills. You can download free lessons, or see what teachers are saying about Sphero on the company’s Twitter page.

Sphero has over 35 apps available for the Sphero and Ollie robots.

Sphero & Ollie in Action


Speed, Tricks, Customization Specialty Play, Learn, Explore
USB Charging – 1 hr. drive time Power Inductive Charging – 1 hr. drive time
4 Apps – Driving, programming Apps 30 Apps – Driving, Multiplayer + More
Over 14 MPH (6M/S) Drive Over 4.5 MPH (2M/S)
Bluetooth LE (instant connect) Connection Bluetooth (manual connect)
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Devices iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Windows
Outruns Pets and Hates Water Protection Waterproof and Pet-proof

 Buy Sphero Today and Save

There has never been a better time to purchase a Sphero robot. Now through January 4th, 2015 you can buy the Sphero for $99.99. Originally priced at $129.99, you can take advantage of savings that will ensure your holidays are merry.  Teachers and parents alike can rest at ease with the confidence that this year’s must-have toy will introduce kids to the world of technology and programming. You can find Sphero and other robotics offerings at studica.com.


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New X Rite Rebate Offers for Students and Professionals

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X rite rebatesX Rite is a global leader in color science and technology. With color industry leader, Pantone, at its side, this company is dedicated to manufacturing, marketing and supporting innovative color solutions through a line of measurement systems, software, color standards and services. Now – for a limited time – you can get your hands on some of the world’s leading color management tools at incredible prices and receive money back.

Studica offers Pantone and X Rite products at competitive pricing for professionals, students and educators. Starting November 1st through December 31st 2014, you can get rebates ranging from $10-$200 on eligible X Rite products. Purchase today, complete the rebate form, return it online and your rebate will be on its way. It is that simple. Please note, at this time these offers are only valid for customers in the United States and Canada.

X Rite Rebate Savings

Not only will these X-Rite products save you time in selecting, creating and managing your color scheme, but purchase one of them today and you could receive money back. The following are just some of the products eligible for rebates. Please visit our X-Rite page to learn more. Please note this rebates are valid for the USA only.

ColorMunki Smile ($10 REBATE) Use this program to get more accurate color from your monitor. The process is easy and the results are amazing. ColorMunki Smile is a simple color calibration solution that makes sure your computer screen is always displaying the correct colors.

Color Munki + Passport Bundle ($50 REBATE) This bundle offers photographers and editors a complete solution for capturing and viewing correct color. This bundle uses the latest monitor and projector calibration – achieved with ColorMunki Display technology – and combines it with the proven performance of ColorChecker Passport for consistent color correction.

i1Publish Pro 2 ($200 REBATE) Get the ultimate in world-class, professional color management hardware and software. The i1Publish Pro 2 system delivers perfect color consistency across all of your professional imaging devices, whether digital or conventional. Create custom, high quality profiles for monitors, digital projectors, cameras and your RGB/CMYK+ printers. Consolidate and optimize your workflow by allowing one system to maintain quality color throughout your work.

About X Rite

X-Rite products are used in a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video production, automotive, paint, plastics, textiles, dental and medical. Use the same tools and resources as professionals with amazing savings. Nearly every industry benefits from color management solutions. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a student seeking to obtain experience for success in your future career, X-Rite products can help you get the right color the first time, every time.

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Lumion 5 Revolutionizes Visualization Software

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Lumion 5 ReleaseLumion is known for providing Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals with the best, most intuitive rendering experience for their designs. The recent release of Lumion 5 only proves that Lumion continues to build on that promise. It is now considered the leading software in its class, because of its ability to redefine the process of making 3D visualizations. It has also become an essential part of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) toolkit for many AEC professionals.

So, what does this leading visualization software have to offer? The new releases, Lumion 5 and Lumion 5 PRO, support a boost in physically-based materials, new tools and several new improvements to the workflow. A huge bonus for many of our readers is the incredibly generous discount given to students, faculty and educational institutions. Proof of academic standing means you and/or your students receive a discount of up to 90%. That’s right, save thousands of dollars and benefit from using the same software as the professionals. It’s all part of the movement to prepare students for future careers and heighten STEM curriculum around the world.

Lumion 5 New Features

Every designer will tell you that materials are vital when you need to create high quality, convincing visualizations. The Lumion material library has been extended and vastly improved.

  • Lumion visualization software123 new materials have been added to Lumion 5, making the total available materials well over 648.
  • Materials are now physically-based. Physically Based Rendering (PBR) based on the physics of the interaction between light and a surface. This process results in more realistic looking material.
  • Several completely new categories of materials have been introduced, including: plastic, leather, stone and more.

Lumion 5.0 Preview from Lumion on Vimeo.

This architectural visualization tool has improved upon its existing easy-to-use workflow by offering faster rendering time and many new tools.

  • The new Mass Placement feature allows you to build scenes faster than before. Just draw a line and the objects you select will be placed along it.
  • Similar to the Mass Placement tool, the Mass Move effect enables you to efficiently animate large numbers of objects. Draw a line in your scene and watch the objects close to it move at the speed and in the direction you define.
  • Lumion 5 allows you to create multiple movies for the scene you’ve designed. You can make up to 10 movies for a single scene.

Create, Learn and Achieve with Lumion 5

These are just a few of our favorite improvements and additions to Lumion 3D visualization software. Feel free to visit our Lumion pages to learn more. Not sure if Lumion or Lumion PRO is right for you? We put together a Lumion 5 vs. Lumion 5 PRO comparison chart to help you choose the option that best fits your creative workflow.

So whether you’re a professional looking to upgrade your current system or a student in need of intuitive visualization software for your assignments, Studica has a Lumion solution for you at a price you can afford. Educational institutions and educators can also use Lumion 5 to help students make the transition from the classroom to the boardroom. Get the latest in revolutionary visualization software from Lumion.

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Now at Studica: PTC Academic Program for Schools

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ptcap1Since Studica has become part of the PTC Academic Program by offering student solutions, we have received a lot of positive feedback from the educational community. We are now a proud supplier of PTC Academic Program for schools. PTC is responsible for providing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to 28,000 major companies worldwide. This company is dedicated to developing technology that will transform the way manufactures create, operate and service products. It is through this global, multi-industry experience that PTC noticed its unique position to help future professionals.

What is the PTC Academic Program for Schools?

The PTC Academic Program is dedicated to preparing students for a career in nearly every industry by providing a relevant modern product development education that will inspire the engineers of the future. PTC strives to deliver an academic advantage for educational institutions and their students by offering industry standard design, calculation and collaboration software used by the world’s leading product development companies paired with industry-recognized training programs and curriculum.

The PTC Advantage

The High School level programs focus on the process of product development. These students learn how products are made – from early concept design to service in the field. For over ten years, PTC engineers and educators have worked with schools to enhance the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

PTC Academic Program University level programs share a similar design with a focus on industry standards. The PTC Creo University Plus Edition utilizes the same computer-aided design (CAD) software used by 28,000 of the world’s most successful companies in product development. NASA, John Deere, Raytheon, Toyota, Caterpillar, Black & Decker, Adidas, Medtronic and Boston Scientific are just some of the companies using PTC Creo and PTC University eLearning technology. In fact, nine out of ten most desirable engineering careers in the Americas, as voted by students, are PTC customers.

The Benefits of PTC University eLearning

Using this incredible technology in the classroom is made even easier with PTC University eLearning program that provides 6,000+ hours of online content for PTC’s products. You can pick-and-choose the PTC Creo® or PTC Mathcad® curriculum relevant for you and create an online textbook for your computer-aided design (CAD) courses. With ‘flipped classrooms’ being a reoccurring and influential buzzword in academia, PTC University eLearning provides an out-of-the-box solution to get up and running with this new form of teaching. In other words, your students can learn at home, utilize the modules you assign and put them into practice during class where an instructor is present for questions.

Adopting the PTC Academic Program

Studica provides the latest PTC Academic Program solutions. Engineering jobs have changed and it is important for students to have the skills demanded by industries new and old ― whether that means acquiring knowledge of product lifecycle management (PLM), getting access to training used in the field or gaining skills in another computer-aided design (CAD) tool for their resumes. We offer these award-winning tools to save you time and allow you to focus on teaching your class and cultivating the skills necessary to get your students hired.

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