fischertechnik Partnership Assists Students with Disabilities

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fischertechnik-and-Students-with-disabilitiesRecently, the fischertechnik Division at Studica, Inc. announced a partnership with Minnick Schools, the education division of Lutheran Family Services of Virginia. The goal of this partnership is to explore how fischertechnik can be used in educating students with Autism and special needs, and to develop materials that can be shared by all teachers working with this unique population. Studica is passionate about STEM education offering online resources, classroom solutions and always looking for new ways to assist in the learning process. Our fischertechnik Product Manager, Lance Zurek, worked closely with the Grant Coordinator at Lutheran Family Services of VA, Diane Merryman, to develop this partnership. (Read more about this partnership.)

Studica’s fischertechnik Division presented the school system with 35 fischertechnik kits, valued at over $2,700. This is an excellent fit for an organization that provides educational services to students challenged with learning disabilities, behavioral issues and Autism. The program currently involves 149 students and 38 teachers at five schools. It is expected to grow to serve at least 750 students over the next five years.

New Learning Pathways for Students with Autism

The introduction of the fischertechnik kits has allowed Minnick educators to focus on creating new pathways and practices for their students. This curriculum has the potential to help students with Autism build basic fundamental skills, as well as teach STEM related concepts. During the process, Merryman said teacher response has been very positive:

“The students with autism appeared to really like the engagement and social interaction.  But I could see that there was a lot of critical thinking going on too, which is a real asset for vocational training.  For higher functioning students who have behavioral issues, teachers want to see a direct relationship with the curriculum and SOLs.  The goal for these students is to help them overcome their behavioral and social challenges and transition back to the public school without a loss of academic progress.  I think the kits are ideal for that.”

Monitoring Classroom Engagement

Experimenting with the kits and allowing the students to react and engage with the subject matter was the first phase of establishing this curriculum, and it was met with excitement. Teachers that worked with students with Autism notice that the kits fostered an increase in engagement, social interaction and critical thinking. Similarly, teachers working with students with special needs and/or behavioral issues noted that the hands on activities motivated the students to engage with the written instructions. This helped with reading and comprehension skills for students who struggled. Pairing vocabulary words to different aspects of a completed fischertechnik model ensures the vocabulary becomes a part of long term memory, which improves the likelihood that students will be able to recall the meaning of those vocabulary words when faced with Standards of Learning testing in Science courses.

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Adobe Premiere Help: How to Enable CUDA Graphics Card

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I recently built myself a new computer a few months ago. I decided to treat myself with a brand new GeForce GTX 770 graphics card, which has worked wonderfully for all intents and purposes. Part of the reason I went with an NVidia graphics card was because I do video editing using Adobe Premiere. I had read that Adobe Premiere can utilize NVidia’s CUDA Cores to pre-render effects in Adobe Premiere, which cuts down on render times and makes the program run smoother overall.

Sadly, when I first installed Premiere, I booted it up expecting this enormous performance from my machine. This did not appear to be the case right out of the box. After searching around online, I found out that Premiere only has a handful of cards that have GPU acceleration enabled by default. In order to get other CUDA-enabled cards to work with Adobe Premiere’s GPU Acceleration feature, you have to go through a series of modifications. Bear in mind that just about any NVidia card that has 1 GB or more of RAM has CUDA cores in it nowadays. Whether you are getting a GeForce or a Quadro series card, you should be able to utilize CUDA cores to put extra performance into Premiere.

Adobe Premiere: Steps to Enable GPU Acceleration

But enough introduction, here’s how you enable GPU Acceleration for your CUDA graphics card in Premiere on Windows 7 64-bit.

1. Make sure Premiere is closed and open up a command prompt by going to start  type in cmd and press ENTER. This should open a command prompt window.

2. In the command prompt, type cd C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere CS5 and press ENTER. NOTE: If you have CS6 or a different version, you will need to modify the file path accordingly.

3. Now that you are looking at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere CS5 in command prompt, type GPUSniffer.exe and press ENTER. This will run the GPU Sniffer program, which will show you some detailed information about your graphics card, as seen here:

Adobe Premiere Step 1

4. Take note of where it says “CUDA device details” and more specifically, where it says “Name” and lists your card afterwards. You will need to go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere CS5 and open the file called cuda_supported_cards.txt. In this file, you will see a small list of graphics cards. You need to put a new entry in this document listing your graphics card as it shows up on the GPU Sniffer. So, for instance, mine would be GeForce GTX 770. You can see an example in this screenshot:

Adobe Premiere Step 2

5. Save the text document and open up Adobe Premiere. Create a new Project.

6. Go to the “Project” menu  Project Settings  General. Under “Video Rendering and Playback” click the dropdown box where it says “Renderer” and choose “Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration”. This option only shows up if the cuda_support_cards document contains your graphics card. If you see this renderer option, then it means you have successfully setup Premiere to recognize your CUDA-enabled card.

Adobe Premiere Step 3













Premiere should use GPU Acceleration as the default renderer in all your projects. But the easiest way you can make sure of this is to look at your Sequencer and see if there is a yellow bar near the timeline.

If that bar is yellow, then it means GPU Acceleration is working.

Adobe Premiere Step 4

Now you should notice effects processing quicker and smoother within Premiere. GPU Acceleration should allow Adobe Premiere to process effects in the background while you continue to work. This should alleviate the need to constantly render your sequence in order to maintain smooth playback.

I do hope this was helpful. Feel free to leave comments and feedback. Remember students, teachers, schools and non-profit organization can save on software, electronics and more with academic discounts at Thank you!

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New 3D Character Animation Software Perfect for Game Dev

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3d character animation software 2Smith Micro has just released Poser Pro Game Dev that is designed to make 3D character animation more convenient for video game developers.This new software is specifically designed to help Unity game developers create and integrate 2D and 3D content directly into their existing projects. The features highlighted in Poser Pro Game Dev are ideal for enhancing the Unity ecosystem for developers that are looking for a character system that uses animation tools with content. Combining the character and prop design tools of Smith Micro with the incredible gaming development platform of Unity has finally happened!

“We’re excited to make our massive content library available to Unity developers, and give our worldwide community of Poser and Anime Studio developers a convenient way to bring their designs to gaming,” noted Steve Yatson, Vice President of Productivity and Graphics Solutions at Smith Micro.[1]

The newest feature in Poser Pro Game Dev, the support of the FBX file, is what makes this collaboration possible. This feature allows for a fast, easy import to the Unity platform so you can incorporate the set of prebuilt 2D and 3D content into your Unity game development ecosystem. Both companies have emphasized how animators and game developers are benefiting from this partnership, and given the features of the new Poser software that is no surprise to us.

Key Features of Poser Pro Game Dev [1]:

  • An expansive content library with 87 ready-to-use human figures, animals, insects, robots and creatures.
    This includes hundreds of 3D props and scenery elements.
  • New polygon reduction allows you to intelligently reduce 3D figures and props to lower polygon counts, while preserving important attributes
    (i.e. morphs, materials, surface topology, etc.)
  • New figure combining makes it so you can combine complex figures—perhaps,
    the warrior you created with conformed armor, a sword and a burly beard to
    match—into a single figure with a game engine ready texture. Bonus, Poser Pro Game Dev can automatically locate and delete hidden polygons in your newly formed
    single figure so you don’t have to worry about gaming performance.
  • Kinect for Windows is integrated into this new system so that you can drive Poser biped figures, and create motion capture sequences.
    Use the Kinect to create these sequences and save them as animated poses in
    your library, or export them from Poser to directly into Unity.

Smith Micro‘s line of software is a comprehensive collection of creative programs that allow you to illustrate, animate and apply 2D and 3D art to a variety of mediums. From comic books to short films to gaming platforms, these animation tools are used wherever character creation and animation is needed. Couple that kind of design power with the versatility of Unity‘s 3D high-performance development platform and the creative possibilities are sure to skyrocket.

3D Character Animation Education Offerings

Smith Micro provides a variety of student and faculty pricing that allows classrooms to engage students in design and development software. Poser Pro Game Dev offers an instant savings of $100 off the retail price to those with proof of their academic status. That goes for both students and faculty! The academic license on Poser Pro Game Dev is authorized for up to ten users. Get this amazing software for the entire classroom without breaking your budget.

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At SIGGRAPH 2014, Unity Announces Back to School Deals

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SIGGRAPH 2014SIGGRAPH 2014 is taking over Vancouver, British Columbia. The annual conference is a gathering of industry leaders devoted to computer graphics and interactive techniques. It attracts everyone from researchers, artists, developers, filmmakers, scientists and business professionals. Unity Technologies definitely fits that bill and will be in attendance with a big announcement in tow. Following the acceptance of the Develop Awards’ Best Engine Award last month, the ultimate game development company announced that it will be providing massive discounts to students and faculty – just in time for back to school.

Unity’s Back-to-School promotion is set to start with the opening of the SIGGRAPH conference, on August 10th and runs through September 30th.

Unity Back to School Deals

What does this mean for the academic community looking to get their hands on this amazing game development software? Savings of up to $249* on licensing for Unity Game Development Software.  All of these promotional orders are considered pre-orders for the eagerly awaited Unity Pro 5. Which means when you purchase software now, you will receive the latest edition of Unity 4 and be one of the first to nab version 5 upon its release before the end of 2014. Award-winning Unity game development software, instant savings and an included update, these are the things that make a deal too good to pass up.

Upcoming Unity Pro 5

Unity Pro 5 is designed from the ground up to be an easy-to-use game development platform, no prior knowledge of software development required. That being said, Unity certainly didn’t forget any bells and whistles. Some of the improvements in Unity 5 include:

  • Real-time global illumination that is mobile, desktop & console ready
  • Improved reflection probes and physically based shading
  • Updated user interface (UI) that creates an intuitive design system for 2D and 3D designs (Now available for Unity 4 users)
  • Realtime mixing and master that allows you to create detailed mixing graphs, tweak your mix in play mode and create snapshots & blend between them
  • WebGL platform enhancement that allows you to deploy to the web without a plug-in
  • Unity Cloud does not require a third party SDK. It makes it so you can author ads, cross promote and find partners via a web portal

This is just a peak some of the cutting-edge tools included in Unity’s new software platform. To check out more Unity 5 improvements and features click here.

Students actually get professional Game Design experience at an academic price, and educators will be able to implement and/or improve on their STEM education programs. Capitalize on students’ passion for gaming and interactive learning, while preparing them for the digital workforce. With this limited time deal, there’s no better time to get on board with Unity.

Unity Back to School Deals*

These promotional prices are in US dollars for the USA market. Pricing in other countries may vary.


Original Price

Sale Price

Student & Faculty Annual Suite $149 $99
Student & Faculty Commercial Stand-Alone $750 $649
Student & Faculty Perpetual  Commercial Suite $1999 $1750

*In US dollars, subject to academic eligibility. Offer ends 9/30/14.

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fischertechnik Profi Dynamic XL voted “Toy of the Year 2014”

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Dr Toy Award 2014This year it seems like the honors just keep coming for fischertechnik. Only a month or so back, we were informed  that noted child development expert, writer, and toyologist  Stevanne Auerbach ,PhD. (better known to the general public as “Dr. Toy”) had selected the  fischertechnik Oeco Energy Set as one of the “Top Green Products of 2014”. This week we received the news that the prestigious German magazine for parents, “Familie & Co.” had selected their 50 favorites from among all the new toy products featured at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg this past February. For those of you who may not be familiar with it, the Nuremberg Toy Fair is the World’s largest, and all of the major players in the toy business visit and exhibit. Well, not only did fischertechnik make the list of the top 50, but their newest addition to the “Fun with Physics” family, namely the Profi Dynamic XL (set #524327), was selected as the “Toy of the Year” for 2014!

About fischertechnik Dynamic XL

PrintFamilie & Co. has been selecting toys for recognition (with the winners receiving the “Golden Rocking Horse” award) for thirteen years. Criteria for selection include that the products selected are engaging, well built, promote skills, and of course are fun to use…all attributes which of course apply to the great new Dynamic XL set!

The Dynamic XL builds on the original Dynamic set (#511932) by including almost twice many parts—1250 in all—and numerous all new components, such as special curve and funnel pieces. It also allows for building 8 larger scale models than with the original set, ideal for further exploration of phyics, and of course hours and hours of fast paced fun.

The award winning Dynamic XL #524327 is now in stock and ready for shipment—find out more by clicking here.

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mPowerpad 2 portable solar charger makes life easier

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mPowerpad 2 portable solar chargerThird Wave Power’s new generation of mPowerpads is here and it’s getting a lot of attention. Studica now offers Third Wave Power products in our USA webstore. mPowerpad 2 is a portable, solar charger with the ability to charge almost every mobile device. This charger captures solar energy faster than most solar chargers, thanks to its efficient 5.4W grade A solar panel. Besides providing power from two USB ports, the mPowerpad 2 is equipped with a reading light, flashlight, SOS signal, radio and ultrasonic insect repellant. Get instant power whether you’re on the streets of an urban jungle or exploring remote locations.

Award-Winning Technology

Earlier this year, Third Wave Power received the Frost & Sullivan’s 2014 North American Solar Portable Battery Charger New Product Innovation Leadership Award. The company was commended for its strong technological competence and customer-driven aptitude to offer innovative battery solutions to end users. “The launch of mPowerpad 2 solar charger meets the customer need and also revolutionizes the solar portable battery charger market,” noted Vishal Sapru, Research Manager and Growth Consultant at Frost & Sullivan.

The Power Behind mPowerpad 2

mPowerpad 2 weighs just over a pound and is designed for rugged, outdoor environments and activities. It is water- and dust- resistant and equipped with both an internal and removable battery pack. As if it weren’t rounded out with enough versatile features, this solar charger can also be charged using the sun, USB or a wall outlet. Building upon its predecessor, Third Wave Power announced that mPowerpad 2 is actually more efficient in capturing solar energy and is able to completely charge a standard smart phone up to 7 times**. So experiencing that dreadful moment when your phone battery drops to 0% is a thing of the past.

The various features of the mPowerpad 2 depend on which version you select to best meet your needs. Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, a professional constantly on the go or a energy-conscious consumer aware of your everyday carbon footprint, there is an mPowerpad for you. Get your hands on this technology now and take advantage of this amazing deal!

portable solar charger

Special features of mPowerpad 2 solar chargers  include:

  1. Quickly harnesses solar power to charge smartphones and other mobile devices, as fast as plugging into the wall.
  2. Versatile 3-way charging from sun, wall or USB.
  3. Removable mPowerpack pocket battery pack adds more charging power and portability.
  4. Charges a smarphone up to 7 times**.
  5. Comes with built-in radio, light, SOS signal and insect repellant.
  6. Rugged, water- and dust- resistant

Portable Solar Charger Deals

The buzz on this technology continues as Third Wave Power recently announced an amazing Back to School Promo* for its U.S. customers.  For a limited time only, your purchase of mPowerpad 2 Lite includes the mPowerpack 25 pocket battery pack. That’s instant savings of $49 and who doesn’t love saving money? During this sales event, you get the solar charger and the portable battery pack for the price of one. mPowerpad 2 solar charger is definitely the way to go for sustainable, ready power.

*This promotional offer is valid for customers in the United States only

** Using mPowerpad 2 Pro

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fischertechnik (& Spider-Man) Visit Hour of Code

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fischertechnik (and Spider-Man) Make a Guest Appearance at the Wasatch Institute of Technology’s “Hour of Code” Event hosted by Adobe. It’s always interesting to see how fischertechnik is used to help introduce students to technology and STEM related concepts. Recently, Annika Boudwin with “Wasatch Inventors and Explorers” in Utah, (one of our fischertechnik family of resellers) shared some photos with us from an event held in her area.

Hour of Code – STEM Related Fun

Hour-of-codeThe event was the Wasatch Institute of Technology’s “Hour of Code”, which was hosted at the Adobe Lehi Campus building at WIT on Saturday, May 17th. The event, billed as a fun day of learning, games activities and presentations, was free and open to all of Utah’s K-12s students and their families. A wide variety of Utah based companies, nonprofits, and government agencies were present to show firsthand how technology plays a key role in their industry. Of course, the bigger goal was to spark the interest of students in the STEM centric careers that will so desperately need skilled workers in the future, careers theses students will hopefully begin exploring, and skills they will hopefully begin acquiring, as early as possible.

As Annika Boudwin, with Wasatch Inventors and Explorers, recently wrote,

Part of my goal in reselling fischertechnik is to expose children to technology and STEM concepts and help them make informed decisions about their careers as they approach adulthood. Personally, I am disappointed that the ratio of women to men in technical fields is becoming even more imbalanced in spite of much discussion regarding gender equality. In particular, I want girls to feel comfortable and capable with STEM subjects before deciding to pursue another career instead of shying away from technical fields because they do not feel capable.”

Besides fischertechnik, the event featured something for everyone…from face painting and a bounce house, a chance to meet Marvel’s  the Amazing Spider-Man , to numerous exhibits where students could explore game design, music technology, animation, robotics and much more, up close and personal.

From all accounts, it was a hugely successful (and fun!) event , and one we hope will be repeated, not only in Utah, but all over the US. If you’re involved with an “Hour of Code”, or similar “STEM” focused event in your area, please share details (and photos) with us, so that we can share them with our readers.


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STEM in Action: Robotics and Controls Hardware Course

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STEMgraphicEarlier this summer, Information Communications Technology (ICT) Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) students from Heart Lake Secondary School attended a Robotics and Controls Hardware Interfacing Course at Studica Limited in Mississauga, Ontario. Studica Limited provided the students with fishertechnik, National Instruments myDAQ and mySTEM hardware products. The students were then asked to program and control a system of components and drive motors that they built and designed themselves.

Evolving STEM Education

Heart Lake Secondary School is part of the Peel school district, serving the municipality of Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario. It is one of many schools that participate in Ontario’s education initiative, Specialist High Skills Major. This program allows students to focus on a career path that matches their skills and interests, while also meeting the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. SHSM is available to students in 11th and 12th grade and is intended to help them gain relevant career skills and qualifications. The Information Communications Technology major is not unlike Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) programs found in high schools throughout the United States. Both stress the value in trade skills and technology development.

Terry Wadowski, an educator at Heart Lake Secondary School, attended the course hosted by Studica Limited and stated, “Students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive hands-on training session and found it very relevant to their SHSM program. Studica Limited was very helpful in providing ideas for creative ways to deliver Technological Studies curriculum.”

The Importance of STEM Education

STEM Education is an important topic worldwide. In terms of education, these programs often address the issues students face when entering the workforce. No matter what industry they choose to pursue, technological advancement has drastically changed workflow. STEM also addresses the concern that these subjects are taught separate, instead of as an integrated curriculum. Studica has dedicated itself to providing relevant education solutions. Whether it is from one of our educational consultants or our onDemand STEM Education Resources, we seek to expand education outside the classroom and support engaging students in gaining the skills required for a successful future. The Robotics and Controls Hardware Interfacing Course was a lot of fun for our representatives and for the students that participated. Studica Limited was very happy to host the SHSM students from Heart Lake Secondary, and we encourage fellow educators to reach out to STEM experts and create an interactive curriculum for their students.

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Westfield Update: fischertechnik STEM Lab Program

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FT STEM Lab 1When we last looked in on the students at Westfield Vocational Technical High School in Westfield MA, they had just completed the second project in the fischertechnik High School STEM Lab Program.  Recently they have just completed the module focusing on basic electricity. As you probably know from past blog postings, and from our webinars on the fischertechnik STEM Lab Program (one of which you can view a recording of by clicking here: ), each unit of the program presents the students with a real-world scenario. The scenario will typically present some sort of engineering/design related problem, which working in groups, the students must solve and then build a prototype which shows how this problem is actually addressed. In this particular case, here is the scenario they were presented with:

You are in head engineer in charge of wiring a new factory that is being built. It is very important to the workers that will be there that they have plenty of bright lights in the ceiling so they can see their work. There will be large manufacturing equipment on the factory floor running all day long. We do not want the lights and the machines interfering with each other. If wired incorrectly, the lights could become too dim or the machines might slow down. This situation could cause accidents to workers or damage to machines. It is your job to make sure the building is wired correctly.

You will conduct internet research to discover electrical theory. Then we will test this theory by building prototype circuits.  All work should be documented in the engineering notebook. Students will create a schematic to wire three lights to maximize the lights and to connect one motor so it will not slow down.  Students will create a prototype wiring of the schematic. A small presentation on PowerPoint including the schematic and digital photo will be submitted at the conclusion to the teacher.”

fischertechnik STEM Lab Projects in Action:

What follows are a selection of videos showing some of the ways the students at Westfield solved this problem. First off, here is group # 10, featuring Tim, Andre and Kyle:

Our next selection is from group #9, featuring Constantin, Ned, Jim, and Justin. They initially encountered some problems with the project. As they wrote in their group paper:

“One of our problems was during construction; we had a pretty hard time figuring out the wiring to make it into a parallel circuit. Every time we turned on all the lights and motors with the switches it wouldn’t run separately, therefore making it a series circuit. We kept rewiring it until we got the right setup. After we successfully set it up in a series circuit we had to draw a schematic diagram of all of our materials and how we set them up. We have 1 switch for the 3 light bulbs and another switch for the 2 motors so we were able to turn them on and off without interruption from one another. At first, when we had it in a series circuit, when you pressed the motor switch on or off it would also turn the light bulbs on or off. We had to (work) with the wiring to figure out what was wrong and eventually we realized it was in a series and not a parallel circuit.”

You can see their results here:

Once again, we thank teacher Dave Roberts and his students for sharing these updates with us so that we can follow along as they move through the program. We look forward to picking up on their progress once again in the fall. As always, if you have any questions about the fischertechnik STEM Lab Program, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at

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Unity Technologies: Best Engine Award & New Updates

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Unity Technologies Best EngineEvery July, the European-based magazine Develop hosts the biggest awards night in the game development industry. On July 9th in Brighton, England, the Develop Awards honored accomplishments in game development with a focus on creativity, teamwork and inspiring innovation.  Over 175 companies were in attendance with more than 500 representatives from around the world. Unity Technologies was one of twenty companies to take home prizes from this year’s awards ceremony. It is no surprise to us that Unity accepted the Best Engine Award for its powerful, versatile and valuable game development system.

The company announced the release of Unity 5 earlier this year at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. For those that want to get their hands on the world’s best game development engine sooner rather than later, you can pre-order Unity 5 now and get Unity 4 while you wait. Upon Unity’s nomination Develop noted, “No other engine supports more desktop, web, mobile and console platforms.” [1] True to its customer-friendly reputation, the company is continuing to make updates and bug fixes to Unity 4.5.

What’s Next for Unity Technologies?

The latest update, Unity 4.5.2, addresses many of the issues developers have come across. This collection of bug fixes responds to a wide range of issues from documentation and editing to graphics and scripting. Game developers can always count on Unity to take their feedback seriously and adapt software to meet their demands. Check out the sneak peek of Unity 4.6, which explores the upcoming user interface tools that help developers create a 3D canvas using World Space canvas mode. This award-winning engine is truly made to help build design development, whether it’s in the gaming industry, in the classroom or beyond.

Unity has inspired numerous recent hits from developers of all sizes, including:

  • The Room 2 – Fireproof Games
  • Rust – Facepunch Studios
  • Hearthstone – Blizzard Entertainment
  • Max: The Curse of Brotherhood  – Press Play

The Next Generation of Developers

Studica offers education discounts on Unity software for studentsteachers and schools. It is a win, win for both students and educators. Game development is proven to engage students in STEM education. Unity has a unique ability to build upon the excitement they have for interactive design, while providing them with professional tools that builds on real-world experience. Don’t just expose students to technology. Prepare them for the future by introducing Unity’s interactive designs and virtual solutions.

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