What is Moho 12 from Smith Micro?

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Moho Pro 12 - The all-in-one animation tool for professionals and digital artists!

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If you are thinking an all-on-animation tool, you are correct! Moho Pro 12 is the latest release from Smith Micro. Consider it a dynamic alternative to traditional animation software. This complete 2D animation software was formerly known as Anime Studio Pro. It offers one of the most powerful 2D rigging systems available. It also provides the classic animation tools you need to create 2D animations very quickly compared with traditional animation techniques.

2D Animation with Moho

moho-smart-warpMoho is designed to make 2D animation simple with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. There are a variety of cutting-edge features to help you make extraordinary animations efficiently. For one, you can use bone-rigging to make it easier to animate your characters. This is a great alternative to frame-by-frame animation that will save you a lot of time. Control animation timing through key frames using Moho’s timeline. Game developers using Unity can now use FBX support to create the look and feel they want. Creating rigid sprites is no longer necessary. Import Photoshop files with all the layers intact and so much more. There are many new features that I have listed for you below. 

New Features of Moho Pro 12

moho-motionblurmoho-bezierhandlesHere is a simple list of the new features. I encourage you to check out Smith Micro’s YouTube channel to see them in action:

  • Enhanced Drawing Tools
  • Bezier Handles
  • Smart Warp
  • Realistic Motion Blur
  • Animate Multiple Layers at Once
  • Pin Bones
  • Updated GUI
  • Export/Import Actions
  • Learn More

Use Your Student Discount & Save

Student discounts are available for select Smith Micro products at Studica.com. These academic discounts can help students save up to 50% off retail pricing. Education discounts are also available to teachers, faculty and schools. Save up to 50% on Moho Pro 12 at Studica. For those just starting in animation, Moho Debut 12 is also an excellent option. It allows you to easily create animations in minutes, a perfect beginner version. Obviously, Debut does not offer the full list of features that the Pro does, but it is more affordable and a great tool if you are just getting started.

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