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    Studica Robotics Grant Application

    Grant Program for Robotics Teams

    Studica Robotics Grant Application for Teams

    With a reputation for technical expertise, Studica Robotics is an innovator committed to supporting the needs of the education and robotics competition communities. 

    • This is an opportunity for all robotics teams in the United States who participate in robotics competitions.
    • Grants are awarded every month. You can apply every month. Your team is only eligible to receive one grant each year.
    • Studica Robotics will award a $200* grant each month. This award is redeemable for Studica Robotics products, it is not redeemable for cash.
    • Grant recipients will be contacted by email and/or telephone to confirm acceptance of the grant. 


    Everything You Need to Build, Learn, and Compete

    Studica Robotics prides itself on being a leading force in the field of robotics, driven by a commitment to technical expertise, innovation, and excellence. Catering to the needs of STEM education and robotics competition communities, we provide a range of components and resources designed to make robotics projects accessible and successful.

    Build Better Robots

    Studica Robotics Benefits

    • Effortless Integration & Compatibility: 
      Our design philosophy revolves around seamless compatibility, eliminating the need for a machine shop or special equipment. Our innovative design pattern simplifies the connection of structures, sprockets, motors, and gears.

      A generously sized center hole facilitates the integration of flange bearings, providing unparalleled support for shafts and motors. The unique hole pattern ensures compatibility with most FRC and FTC systems, allowing for the seamless integration of structure and electronics.
    • Durable, Strong & Safe: 
      Our channel components boast a robust 3mm thick 6061-T6 aluminum structure. Precision deburring, polishing, and anodizing ensure strength and safety for your robot and automation projects.
    • Resources & Support:
      Explore our resources to support your robotics journey, including an extensive library of STEP 3D files, instructional training videos, project instructions, build guides, and insightful robotics-focused blog articles.
    • Empowering Electronics:
      Our cutting-edge electronics, ranging from controllers to sensors, are meticulously designed to equip your robot with state-of-the-art capabilities. The VMX controller stands out with its versatility and programmability in multiple languages, making it the ideal choice for intricate projects and autonomous robots.

    Comprehensive Robotics Line:
    Studica Robotics proudly offers a diverse array of robot parts and robotics kits. From wheels, motors, servo motors, to actuators, our structure components seamlessly connect with our extensive range of motion components. Assembling your robotic project has never been easier. 

    *This grant cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, coupon codes, etc.