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    STEM Renewable Energies

    (In stock)

    How can you generate electricity in an environmentally friendly way? How does a fuel cell work, and how can it be used to generate hydrogen? Renewable energies are the most important energy sources of the future. The generation, storage and use of electricity from the natural energy sources of water, wind and sun are clearly explained using nine models and 28 experiments.

    • Main topics extraction, storage and use of electric power / energy sources such as water, wind, sun and hydrogen
    • Includes downloadable teaching and activity material (free download)
    • Components include a solar motor (2VDC), 2 solar modules (1VDC, 400mA), a goldcap energy storage device, an LED, a fuel cell, a voltage converter, and a multimeter


    CLASS SET Solar Energy

    (In stock)

    Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important to our future.  The CLASS SET Solar Energy is the perfect method for introducing young students to this vitally important topic. With three quickly assembled models, the basics of solar energy can be taught in class using ten ready-made tasks, including solutions, with lots of fun and exciting insights.

    • Main topics energy generation from renewable solar energy, series-parallel connection
    • Includes downloadable teaching and activity material (free download)
    • Set includes 2 solar modules,  1V solar motor, mini push-button

    CLASS SET Electrical Control

    (In stock)

    How does the light in the stairwell come on? Why does it go on at the bottom and off at the top? These and many other questions about electrical circuits are taught in an engaging and kid-friendly way using our Class Set Electrical Control with nine models and 25 experiments. The models can be easily built in class and directly integrated with the ready-made tasks and solutions.

    • Main topics Electrical circuits, series-parallel connection, motorcontrol
    • Includes downloadable teaching and activity material (free download)
    • Set includes. 2x mini pushbuttons, LED, motor, holder for 9V battery (battery not included)

    CLASS SET Gears

    (In stock)

    How does a bevel gear, a belt gear or a rack and pinion gear work? What happens when the transmission ratio changes? Young students age 7 and up can investigate these and many other questions using 15 models and twelve experiments. The models can be set up quickly and easily in the classroom and can be used optimally with the help of the ready-made tasks and solutions.

    • Main topics simple gear types/ratios, directions of rotation, types of motion of gears
    • Includes downloadable teaching and activity materal (free download)
    • Set includes gears, bevel gears, rack, belt, chain, axles, building blocks, base plate 120x60 mm.
    • Ideal complement: STEM Gear Tech


    CLASS SET Optics

    (In stock)

    Explore optical phenomena, and experiment with light in class! Explore penumbra and umbra, discover many exciting things with a magnifying glass or determine the time with a sundial. These and many other exciting topics can be taught in an engaging and hands-on manner using the CLASS SET Optics. In addition to the six models, which can be built quickly and are therefore easy to teach, the kit offers six exciting experiments.

    • Main topics optical phenomena / light experiments, magnification, reflection, light & shadow
    • Includes downloadable teaching and activity material (free download)
    • Set includes lens f=25mm, lens f=80mm, mirror, 2x LED, holder for 9V battery (battery not included)

    fischertechnik Education Hydraulics

    (In stock)

    Fundamentals of Hydraulics

    School and university students learn about hydraulic content with this realistic educational construction kit. This new set offers hands-on technology for learning about the transfer of force using liquids. Five different models illustrate how signals and forces can be transferred with liquid media. Students can build a simple functional demonstration model, an excavator, and three other models. Combined with the accompanying educational materials, the set helps to provide a solid overview on the topic of hydraulics. The downloadable teaching and activity materials are provided free of charge on the eLearning Portal to support teachers in preparing for and designing their curricula.

    Includes instructional activity information (free download)
    Components include 4 control cylinders, and 4 working cylinders
    Contains 475 parts for building 5 different models.

    fischertechnik Education Mechanics 2.0

    (In stock)

    Fundamentals of Engineering and Construction: The ideal technology construction set for all future mechanical engineers. The areas of dynamics, statics, gears, structure, and bracing are all addressed as students learn by building models that illustrate the principles behind these concepts. This set will help students to answer questions such as:

    • How does a gear box work?
    • What is a planetary gear?
    • How is the movement of a windshield wiper produced?
    • How do you design a stable bridge?
    • ...and much more.

    Requires 9V battery (not included).


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    fischertechnik Education Pneumatics: Beginner

    (In stock)

    fischertechnik Education Pneumatics: Beginner construction set takes a learning- by-playing approach to the principles of pneumatics, with realistic models to show how pneumatic valves and cylinders work. The air is pumped manually into an air chamber. Pressing the hand valves conveys the compressed air through the hoses into the pneumatic cylinder. An excavator and four other models can be constructed. The instructional activity information for students is available online at the fischertechnik eLearning portal.


    • 200 parts for building 5 working pneumatic models
    • Instructional activity download from the fischertechnik eLearning Portal
    • 2 pneumatic cylinders
    • a pump cylinder
    • 2 hand vales
    • and a compressed air reservoir

    fischertechnik Education Solar: Beginner

    (In stock)

    Learn and understand the principles of Solar Power with the fischertechnik Education Solar: Beginner kit. Renewable energy sources will play an increasingly significant role in future. A solar module generates electricity from the energy of the sun to move the solar boats and the solar car. Whether on water or land, the construction set is a learning-by-playing approach to solar power. The solar module and solar motor can be used to make a solar vehicle, a ventilating fan and two floating ship models ("Solar Catamaran" and "Paddle Steamer"). The instructional activity information about solar is available online (


    STEM Optics

    ( 8 In stock)

    This set offers a comprehensive collection of 18 models, which help you to explore the basic principles of optics in a playful and interactive way.  Explore optical phenomena with 18 exciting models, lenses included.


    STEM Smart Physics

    ( 8 In stock)

    STEM Smart Physics contains ten exciting models, which make numerous physics experiments possible.


    Dr. FuelCell Solar Module

    (In stock)

    This high quality and durable solar panel was designed to produce the desired power output to power the Dr. FuelCell Reversible Fuel Cell #KO348E. This unit was originally part of the “Alternative Energy Kit” used with older PLTW sets incorporating fischertechnik. It can be used as stand-alone unit, but users must be sure it meets their specific technical requirements. Please review the specifications in detail to determine if this is right for your project.

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