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    Procurement Optimization & Kitting Fulfillment Services

    Our team will work with your school or organization to provide logistical expertise relevant to solving your specific product procurement and kitting desires.  We specialize in cost effective commodity sourcing, the acquisition of multiple goods and services, efficient kitting & assembly of supplies and on-time delivery to simplify your needs.  Productively managing procurement, and by extension your purchasing, will allow you to realize immediate cost and time savings.  Let us work for you to discover the best available solution, customized to meet your exact needs.

    Advantages for your School’s Business Office, Buyers, Purchasing Agents, and the Classroom

    • Time Savings – greatly reduce your time procuring supplies from multiple sources.
    • Cost Savings – generate one Purchase Order vs. multiple orders, reducing overhead.
    • Quantity Pricing – we work with hundreds of suppliers to secure quantity pricing, sourcing the best quality to fit within the specifications required for your school or program.
    • Kitting Fulfillment – customized pick and pack kitting fulfillment solutions for your STEM and CTE classrooms, after-school, and summer programs.
    • Custom Branding – unique school-branded web pages with links to kit information and purchasing options.
    • Efficiency – goods and services shipped, tracked, and delivered on time.

    Our experience with the academic community, our dedicated personnel and hundreds of industry relationships have made Studica the preferred partner of choice for equipment and supplies to schools. 

    To summarize, Studica offers the following advantages to optimize your supply needs.

    • Established relationships with curated distributors and suppliers to negotiate preferred pricing.
    • Dedicated warehouse space for inventory storage.
    • A complete understanding of school purchasing cycles and financial constraints of schools.
    • High level of technical competence and deep knowledge of the tech education market.
    • Expertise with emerging technologies for the classroom.

    Learn how our Procurement and Kitting Services can help you, by contacting us, today.

    Kitting Solutions