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    Innovative Robotics for Competitions and Education

    Studica Robotics is a comprehensive robotics building platform that provides everything you need to build, learn, and compete. This powerful robotics platform is ideal for the classroom, robotics teams, homeschoolers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to make their build ideas come to life. Let's take a look at the key features:

    • ​Effortless Integration & Compatibility: Our design philosophy revolves around seamless compatibility, eliminating the need for a machine shop or special equipment. Our innovative design pattern simplifies the connection of structures, sprockets, motors, and gears. A generously sized center hole facilitates the integration of flange bearings, providing unparalleled support for shafts and motors. The unique hole pattern ensures compatibility with most FRC and FTC systems. allowing for the seamless integration of structure and electronics.

    • Durable, Strong & Safe: Our channel components boast a robust 3mm thick 6061-T6 aluminum structure. Precision deburring, polishing, and anodizing ensure strength and safety for your robot and automation projects.

    • Robotics Assistance Resources: Explore our resources to support your robotics journey, including an extensive library of STEP 3D files, instructional training videos, project instructions, build guides, and insightful robotics-focused blog articles. Robotics Team Grants are available! Apply Now.

    • Empowering Electronics: Our cutting-edge electronics, ranging from controllers to sensors, are meticulously designed to equip your robot with state-of-the-art capabilities. The VMX Robotics Controller stands out with its versatility and programmability in multiple languages. making it the ideal choice for intricate projects and autonomous robots The VMX allows for programming in C++, Java, and LabVIEW, but it can also be programmed in Python and ROS

    • Comprehensive Line of Robot Parts and Robotics Kits: Studica Robotics proudly offers a diverse array of robot parts and robotics kits. From wheels, motors, servo motors, to actuators, our durable and affordable structure components seamlessly connect with our motion components. Assembling your robotic project has never been easier. Our comprehensive robotics building platform offers everything you need to build, learn, and compete. View our complete Studica Robotics Catalog as a PDF.

    Explore Robotics Kits and Robot Parts

    Studica Robotics offers a wide range of products designed to help you bring your build ideas to life.
    Take a look at what we have to offer.


    Starter Kit for Robot Competitions

    The FTC Starter Kit is a comprehensive robotics kit that features a variety of products. This set is ideal for teams wanting to improve their current robots or those that are just looking to get started with FTC. It includes U-Channels, flat beams, square beams, brackets, electronics, and accessories. With these resources, students can craft robots of their own design.

    With the FTC Starter Kit creating, building, and prototyping unique designs is a breeze. STEP files are available for every part.  View complete list of parts.



    FTC Starter Kit

    Mecanum Chassis Kit

    The FTC Drive Base Kit - v2 is the perfect solution for your next drivetrain. Studica Robotics offers a drive base kit that includes the materials you need to create a mecanum chassis. Our innovative slim mecanum wheels have bearings on all rollers that provide better acceleration due to their lighter weight.

    This complete drivetrain kit includes a wide variety of components including 4 NeveRest Orbital 20 Gearmotors with encoder cables, the new Clamping Shaft Hubs, 4 bumpers, and hardware to complete the mecanum chassis.
    View FTC Drive Base Kit - v2 Now



     FTC Drive Base Kit - v2


    Slim 100mm Mecanum Wheels

    Wheels are comprised of 12 black rollers and are able to move in any direction. Rollers are set at 45° to the axis of rotation of the wheel. The rollers are mounted with steel ball bearings making the roll more fluent. Buy Wheels.   





    Slim 100mm Mecanum Wheels


    Strong & Durable Components

    Our channel components are 3mm thick 6061-T6 aluminum that is deburred and polished. Components work easily together. The unique design pattern makes it easy to connect the structure, sprockets, motors, and gears. A large center hole makes it possible to integrate flange bearings to provide the ultimate support of shafts and motors.

    Structure components for robotics include a large variety of beams, flats, and brackets to allow you to build at multiple angles for unique chassis and mechanisms. A multitude of mounting options for servos and DC motors mounts are available as well as gears, sprockets, pulleys, and chains.

    View Structure Components.

    Structure Components



    Which Actuator is Best for your Robot?

    Actuators are devices that cause an action to happen by converting electric signals into some form of motion. While a multi-mode smart servo creates a precise movement in an angular direction, linear servo RC actuators move a rod on a linear path.

    While you could also use a regular or servo motor with a rack and pinion linear slide set to achieve this, the variety of linear servo RC actuators from Studica Robotics can simplify the process. Let's talk about how to choose the linear actuator that best fits the needs of your robot.

    A. Linear Servo RC Actuator 140-200: Offers a long stroke length and an extension speed of 6 mm/s. Ideal for creating mechanisms that will handle a relatively substantial amount of weight, such as the base of a multi-stage lift.

    B. Linear Servo RC Actuator 140-50: Also offers a long stroke length but has a faster extension speed of 13 mm/s. Ideal for creating mechanisms that look to operate and a quick rate of speed such as an extending arm or as a secondary or tertiary linear slide for a multistage elevator/lift.

    C. Linear Servo RC Actuator 50-200: Offers a shorter stroke length of 50 mm and a slow extension speed making it ideal for creating mechanisms handling larger loads while utilizing minimal amounts of space.

    D. Linear Servo RC Actuator 50-50: Also offers a shorter stroke length but a faster extension speed making it ideal for applications requiring minimal force such as a small gripper.





    Multi-Mode Smart Servo

    Our Multi-Mode Smart Servo is a versatile motor that can be used for a wide variety of applications and can operate in two different modes. With the additional arms that are included, they can be used to perform various tasks like acting as the pivot for an arm or platform, and they are light and fast enough to be used for standard angular positioning or in continuous mode. In continuous mode, the servo will spin proportionally based on the input in a CW or CCW direction. In standard mode, the servo will act as a regular servo and have a range of motion of 300°.
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    servo motors


    About Studica Robotics 

    With a reputation for technical expertise, Studica Robotics is an innovator committed to supporting the needs of the education and robotics competition communities. We are committed to innovation and excellence, as evidenced by our partnership with WorldSkills and serving as the exclusive supplier of robotics components for the Autonomous Mobile Robotics Competition.

    Discover your true building potential with Studica Robotics!


    Robotics for Education

    High Schools and Middle Schools (7th and 8th grades) can incorporate the hands-on learning tools into their STEM curriculum to teach math, physics, and computer science.  College and University robotics and computer science programs can use the platform to learn about control systems, sensors, programming, and concepts related to artificial intelligence.  

    Leveraging robotics in education is a powerful tool for teaching STE(A)M concepts and preparing students with invaluable skills. For example,  Mobile robotics is increasingly important in the world we live in. Our system is ideal for teaching a wide variety of robotics topics including robot prototyping, field robotics, and autonomous mobile robots.