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    1-1 Motor Kit, 5mm Hex Shaft

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    1-1 Motor Kit, 6mm D-Shaft

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    Sometimes you have the need for increased RPM. This 1:1 motor kit can be used with the Studica Maverick or any FTC legal motor such as the Neverest Classic (6600 RPM) or the REV HD Hex motor (6000RPM). The kit includes a faceplate which supports the Studica Robotics building platform. The shaft is press-fit onto the motor's shaft. It is recommended that the shaft be supported by a bearing (we recommend the 76302 for the Studica building system).

    Whether you are constructing an intake, designing a shooter, or creating some other high-speed design, this 1:1 option allow you to get the full motor RPM output.


    • Material - Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Step File

    Maverick DC Gear Motor 60:1 w/Encoder

    (In stock)

    The Maverick 12V DC Gear Motor 61:1 w/Encoder was designed for strength to endure competitions, providing a stall torque of 65 min. kgf-cm.


    Motor Mount Clamp Kit

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    Use the Motor Mount Clamp kit when fastening motors on body and attaching kit to channel and other structure.


    Motor Mount Plate

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    The Motor Mount Plate is used with the Maverick 12V DC Gear Motor  (Part# 75001) to attach it inside the anyone of the U Channels 76010 to 76018. This is an example of a chassis with 4 motors mounted inside the U-Channel using a Motor Mounting Plate.





    Motor Mount Plate Leaf

    (In stock)

    The motor mount plate leaf is ideal for use with robotics design.

    Motor Pack

    (In stock)


    • 4 - Maverick 12V DC Gear Motor w/Encoder  75001
    • 4 - Motor Mount Plate  76140
    • 4 - Motor Mount Clamp Kit  76141
    • 1 - M3 x 10mm Button Head Cap Screw (pack of 50)  76203-50

    MXP-MD2 Motor Driver and Sensor Adapter for NI myRIO

    (In stock)

    The MXP-MD2 is a next-generation high performance Motor Controller Driver and Sensor Adapter with many added features to make it ready to use in your robot project. The included VNH5019ATR-E Motor Controller ICs are very robust with high current output and several important protection features. Many other I/O options have been incorporated into this design to make it extremely easy to interface to several different sensors.

    Orbital Motor Mount

    (In stock)
    • 42.0mm*42.0mm*11.3mm thick
    • 16*M3*8.0mm thread
    • M3 pass through holes
    • SHCS sit flush
    • Material - AL6061-T6