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    BITalino 1-lead sensor cable

    $8.99 $10.99
    ( 11 In stock)

    BITalino 1-lead sensor cableis anindividual cable to connect the sensor pins (IN+, IN-, and REF) to the electrodes.


    • Length: 40cm (others possible on request)
    • Sensor connector: Crimp pin (compatible with the individual pins on the Molex Sherlock male plug)
    • Electrode connector: Standard snap on socket

    Cable 1200, blue

    (In stock)
    32869: Cable 1200 MM

    Cable 2000, blue

    (In stock)

    Cable 600, blue

    (In stock)

    Cable 6000, blue

    (In stock)

    DC Power Plug 2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD w/1m 18AWG cable

    (In stock)

    Ideal for the myRIO.

    • Inside Contact Diameter: 2.1mm
    • Outside Contact Diameter: 5.5mm
    • Termination Style:¬†Solder Cup
    • Voltage Rating:¬†12 V
    • 6 Amp
    • 1 meter cord length
    • 18AWG or 20AWG wire guage
    • DC connector type

    Dupont Single Pin cable (2 pack)

    (In stock)

    The Dupont single pin, 4 wire, female to female, 22AWG cable (2 pack) is ideal for use with robotics design and competitions. 

    Encoder cable 3ADR 600mm

    (In stock)

    Encodercable 3wire

    (In stock)
    137125: Encodercable

    Encodercable 4wire

    (In stock)

    I2C to I2C 3pin female to female cable, 22WAG

    (In stock)

    JST-GH to JST-GH Cable

    (In stock)

    The JST-GH to JST-GH Cable connects external sensors, breakout boards or other devices.

    Detailed Specifications:

    • Cable Length: 25 cm
    • Connectors: 4-pin JST-GH (2)
    • Wire Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green

    Makeblock 6P6C RJ25 Cable - 20cm

    $3.49 $4.99
    ( 18 In stock)

    This Makeblock 6P6C RJ25 Cable is compatible with Makeblock electronic modules.

    Makeblock Shutter Cable C1 for Canon.

    $4.99 $6.99
    ( 3 In stock)

    Shutter Cable C1 for Canon is the perfect cable for connecting your Canon SLR camera to the Me Shutter component. Great for use in your Arduino project. Connect one end to the Me Shutter Port and the other to the remote control terminal on your camera. It's as simple as that

    Makeblock USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B-Male Cable

    $2.99 $4.99
    ( 5 In stock)

    USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B-Male Cable is a new, smaller connector for USB devices. It has been compatible with more and more open source hardware, such as Arduino Leonardo, Raspberry Pi and Beagle Bone, and it's also compatible with Makeblock Baseboard.

    Makeblock Versatile Cable with Stripped Ends - 50cm, 16AWG

    $0.59 $1.99
    ( 1 In stock)

    Makeblock Versatile Cable with Stripped Ends (50cm, 16AWG) is generally used as a connecting wire in motor and pump products which require heavy current in Makeblock platform.

    Makeblock Versatile Cable with Stripped Ends - 35cm, 22AWG (Pair)

    $2.99 $4.99
    ( 7 In stock)

    The Makeblock Versatile Cable with Stripped Ends can be used for Makeblock Air Pump Motor Water Pump Motor and in a variety of DIY projects.

    Micro USB-cable

    (In stock)


    (In stock)
    134867: Mini USB Cable

    Powerpole 45 Extension Cable, 14AWG, 50cm

    (In stock)

    The Powerpole Extension Cable is 50cm long and 14AWG wire gauge to handle heavier loads.

    PWM cable Set - TJC8 3 pin, 22AWG, F-F - 12 pcs

    (In stock)

    This set of 12 pieces includes,

    • 2 x 20cm 22AWG Cables with Dupont TJC8 2.54mm 3 pin, female to female connectors
    • 2 x 40cm 22AWG Cables with Dupont TJC8 2.54mm 3 pin, female to female connectors
    • 2 x 60cm 22AWG Cables with Dupont TJC8 2.54mm 3 pin, female to female connectors
    • 6 x 3pin Dupont male to male connectors

    Seeed Studio Grove - Universal 4 Pin 20cm Unbuckled Cable - Pack of 5

    $1.99 $2.95
    ( 1 In stock)
    Compared with the Electronic Brick system, the Grove System uses only 1 type of cable, (the Electronic Brick system uses 4). These cables are compatible with all modules included in the Grove system.

    Seeed Studio Grove - Universal 4 Pin Buckled 5cm Cable - Pack of 5

    $1.49 $2.95
    ( 12 In stock)
    The Universal 4 Pin Buckled Cable is made for the Grove System to connect all of the Twigs to the Stem - Basic Shield or to other Twig compatible boards for quick prototyping. As a lot of users ask for different length of cables, so we made the 5cm,20cm,30cm,40cm,and 50cm cables for different applications.

    Seeed Studio Grove Conversion Cable - Pack of 5 (4 pin Female Jumper to Grove 4 pin)

    $2.99 $4.95
    ( 9 In stock)

    With this wire, you can easily connect all of Seeed Grove modules to any 2.54mm pitch connectors. 5 PCs is included in one pack.Length of each wire is 20cm. Note: Grove side uses buckled connector.

    USB cable type A/B

    ( 94 In stock)

    Standard USB 2.0 cable. Use it to connect Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega 2560, or any board with the USB female A port of your computer. Cable length is approximately 178cm.

    USB Cable, Type A to Type C, Blue, 1M

    (In stock)

    USB Cable, Type A to Type C, Blue, 1 Meter, male to male

    VMX Battery Adapter Cable

    (In stock)

    The VMX Battery Adapter cable connects a VMX-pi power connector to an external battery supply.

    VMX Cable Pack

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics VMX Cable Pack includes JST-GH to 4-pin Dupont cables, a battery adapter cable and a Wallwart cable for the VMX.

    VMX Wallwart Adapter Cable

    (In stock)

    The VMX Wallwart Adapter cable connects a VMX power connector to an external 12VDC Wallwart power supply.



    • Cable Length: 25 cm
    • Wire Gauge: 20 AWG
    • VMX-side Connector: JST-VH Wire Colors: Red (power), Black (ground)
    • Wallwart-side Connector:  2.1mm inner diameter, 5.5" outer diameter, center-positive


    Servo Extension Cable


    ·      450mm Length

    ·      3 position

    ·      TJC8 MH-FC on one end

    ·      TJC8 FH-MC on the other end

    ·      Twisted cable

    ·      Colors: White, Red, Black (red in middle)

    ·      24AWG Guage