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    Training Videos

    Follow our step-by-step videos to get started...

    Building a basic Autonomous Mobile Robot

    A webinar series on building a basic autonomous mobile robot using the Studica Robotics building system. 


    Reading a QR Code with the VMX Controller

    This is a series of videos that provides information on how to read a barcode or QR code with the VMX Controller.


    Mobile Robotics VMX/Titan Workshop Kit Training

    This is a general introduction on building an autonomous mobile robot using the Studica Robotics Building System. 

      • Day 1 - Getting started - 3:00:00
        • Getting started
          • Competition Overview and Requirements
          • Introduction to the World Skills Collection
          • Hardware Construction Tips and Tricks
      • Day 2 - Building a basic robot - 2:57:00
        1. Mechanical Build
          • Base Structure (Drive System)
          • Drive Type and Working Principles
          • 3 wheeled omni drive build  
          • Sample Training Platform
        2. Electrical build
          • Sample wiring of the Electrical System
      • Day 3 - Programming in Java - 2:50:00
      • Day 4 - Core Programming - 2:59:00
        • Creating a Sample Project (Java)
        • Basic Digital I/O
        • Cobra Line Sensor Board
        • Sharp I/R Sensor
        • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
        • Basic Control of a DC Motor
        • Basic Control of a Servo Motor
        • Adding the Shuffleboard user Interface to see data
      • Day 5 - Design of a Basic Robot Control System - 2:33:00
        • Introduction to Programming the IMU (NavX)
        • Gamepad Setup to Control and test robot functionality.
        • Introduction to Vision with the SR Camera
        • Introduction to the Quick Driver Console
        • Driving the Base Robo
        • Review of Configuring the Titan QUAD

    Individual Part Files (.STP format, click to download)

    For anyone designing their robot or automation system using our Studica Robotics Building Sets, you can find all the 3D Step Files here. You can use solid modeling software such as PTC Onshape, Solidworks, and Fusion 360 to open and work with these files.


    Robots & Assemblies Part Files