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    Motor Mount Clamp Kit

    (12 In stock)

    Use the Motor Mount Clamp kit when fastening motors on body and attaching kit to channel and other structure.


    Motor Mount Plate

    (9 In stock)

    The Motor Mount Plate is used with the Maverick 12V DC Gear Motor  (Part# 75001) to attach it inside the anyone of the U Channels 76010 to 76018. This is an example of a chassis with 4 motors mounted inside the U-Channel using a Motor Mounting Plate.





    Motor Mount Plate Leaf

    (14 In stock)

    The motor mount plate leaf is ideal for use with robotics design.

    Servo Mount Flat Plate

    (20 In stock)

    The Servo Mount Flat Plate is one option to mount the Multi-Mode Smart Servo (75002) to the Studica building structure.


    Servo Mount Offset Plate

    (9 In stock)

    The Servo Mount Offset Plate is one option to mount the Multi-Mode Smart Servo (75002) to the Studica building structure.


    90° Quad Hub Mount C

    (24 In stock)

    Servocity - 90° Quad Hub Mount C attachesdirectly to a robotics channel in multiple positions and are useful as attachment points for shafts and tubes with a 0.5" diameter and other hub mountable items. The model C type offers a wider base than the model B. Each hub mount has a 0.5" bore, a width of 1.3", and utilizes the 0.77" hub pattern.

    Aluminum Motor Mount B

    (6 In stock)

    Servocity - Aluminum Motor Mount B connects to the outside of robotics channels and works with both standard and precisions gear motors. This allows you to drive shafts through channels, or even tubing. The mount utilizes various hole patterns for your motor, and a 1.5" hole pattern for connecting to other robotics products.

    Electronics Mounting Plate for Workshop

    (0 In stock)

    NI MyRIO Panel Mount Kit


    The NI myRIO Panel Mount Kit helps you quickly mount NI myRIO to a wall or integrate it in a project design. Created specifically for NI myRIO, the metal mounting panel allows NI myRIO to snap into place and be held securely.

    • Easily mount NI myRIO to a wall or project
    • NI myRIO snaps into the metal mounting panel
    • For enclosed version of NI myRIO only

    Side Tapped Pattern Mount F

    (6 In stock)
    Servocity - This mount fits into the end of our 1” x 1.5” tube gearboxes and allows you to attach any of our 0.770” pattern components. The mount has a ½” center bore to allow tubing or shafting to extend into the inside of the gearbox for added support. When using hollow tubing, it allows wires to be routed through the interior of the gearbox and down the hollow tube for a clean look.

    Orbital Motor Mount

    (In stock)
    • 42.0mm*42.0mm*11.3mm thick
    • 16*M3*8.0mm thread
    • M3 pass through holes
    • SHCS sit flush
    • Material - AL6061-T6