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    6mm Servo Hub 25T


    The 6mm Servo Hub 25T is made of anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum and is used to connect a servo motor to a D-Shaft axel.

    Multi-Mode Smart Servo


    The Studica Multi-Mode Smart Servo features all-steel gears and large amounts of torque. This angular programmable Servo can fill a variety of roles on your robot or project. In standard mode, it operates on a +/- 150-degree range. Using the Studica Smart Robot Servo Programmer (sold separately) the Multi-mode Smart Servo can be configured to run in continuous, standard, and custom angular mode. In continuous rotation mode, the servo will have proportional speed control based on the PWM signal that you send with your servo controller.  


    Type:                             Metal Brush Motor
    Horn Gear Spline:       25T (5.9mm)
    Size:                               40mm x 20.1mm x 38.3mm
    Weight:                          65g
    Maximum Speed:        62RPM at 6V
    Stall Torque:        at 6V
    Voltage:                         6-7 4V
    Cable:                             22AWG, 75cm

    Servo Horn 25T


    The Servo Horn 25T is used with the Multi-Mode Smart Servo (75002) and the Studica building structure.



    Servo Mount Flat Plate


    The Servo Mount Flat Plate is one option to mount the Multi-Mode Smart Servo (75002) to the Studica building structure.


    Servo Mount Offset Plate


    The Servo Mount Offset Plate is one option to mount the Multi-Mode Smart Servo (75002) to the Studica building structure.


    Servo Pack



    • 8 - Multi-Mode Smart Servo  75002
    • 1 - Smart Robot Servo Programmer  75003
    • 1 - 6V DC AA Battery Holder w/TJC8 Female, 22 AWG  75004
    • 1 - Servo Power Block  75006
    • 4 - Servo Standard Front Mount  76144
    • 4 - Servo Mount Flat Plate  76145
    • 4 - Servo Mount Offset Plate  76146
    • 8 - Servo Horn 25T  76148
    • 8 - 6mm D-Shaft Servo Hub 25T  76149

    Servo Power Block


    The Studica Servo Power Module is a 6V, 60W power injector that enables the use of high-power RC servos. The Servo Power Module passes through input signals unaltered while providing up to 60W of total output power across all eight channels.  The input and output channels accept standard 3-wire, 0.1” pitch, servo/PWM cables. 


    • Built in DC-DC converter
    • Over-current shutdown
    • ESD protection


    • Nominal Input Voltage: 12V
    • Operational Voltage Range: 6.0V
    • Number of Channels: 8
    • Max Current for All Channels Combined: 10A
    • Total Continuous Power: 60W
    • Size: 70mm x 45mm x 16mm
    • Step File


    Servo Standard Front


    The Servo Standard Front Mounting Bracket is one option to mount the Multi-Mode Smart Servo (75002) to the Studica building structure.


    Smart Robot Servo Programmer


    The Studica Smart Robot Servo Programmer is used for programming the Studica Multi-Model Smart Servo Motor and for testing other standard Servos. Use it to program the Studica Servo to switch between continuous mode, standard mode, or any custom angular mode.  


    • Requires 6 Volt battery pack with TJC8 connector or use the Studica 6V DC Battery Holder.
    • Programming setting modes
      • Standard
      • Continuous
      • Angular