Robotics: Spotlight on Makeblock Ultimate 2.0

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Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Robot set

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Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Robot SetAs we’ve mentioned before Makeblock offers open source maker sets for the 21st century. Inspiring human creativity through technology is their mission. They are one of the best intelligent hardware companies in the world. Because Makeblock wants everyone to “think, program, create and construct” their dreams, they offer the electronic modules and mechanical parts that make this possible. Constantly innovating, they have a variety of outstanding offerings such as Codeybot, mBot and mElephant 3D Printer. Adding to the impressive Makeblock catalog, the Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 robot kit is now available.

What is the Makeblock Ultimate 2.0?

Makeblock Ultimate Capture ABasically, Ultimate 2.0 is a 10-in-1 robotics kit that helps users gain knowledge about mechanical structures, programming and electronic modules. It is useful in education for teachers and students. But, it also has enough advanced applications to be useful for electronics engineers, mechanical engineers, and Raspberry Pi and Arduino fans. Ten designs can be created with this set. Here is a list of the robotic forms you can choose from.

  1. Robotic Arm Tank
  2. Camera Dolly
  3. 3D Capture
  4. Robotic Bottle Service
  5. Self-Balancing Robot
  6. Rolling Tank
  7. Catapult Ram
  8. Robotic Ant
  9. 3D Capture B
  10. Detecting Robot

Benefits of Ultimate 2.0

mBlock ProgrammingClearly, this set is ideal for learning about robotics, programming and electronics. There are several types of programming Ultimate 2.0 works with; graphical, Arduino and Python. The MegaPi is a powerful and compact mainboard based on Arduino. Plus, it is fully compatible with the mBlock graphical programming environment. This creates a drag and drop programming environment for your PC.  The easy-to-use Makeblock HD app allows programming directly from an iPad or tablet. A Bluetooth connection allows you to wirelessly control your robot creations.

To support the ten building forms, the set also includes three encoder motors. The set is comprised of anodized 6061 aluminum mechanical parts that are durable and corrosion resistant. These parts also offer a threaded slot design that makes building easy. View complete Ultimate 2.0 specifications here.

Shopping for Robotics

Studica offers a vast range of robotics products that address every level of expertise. From simple introductory kits, to intermediate and advanced DIY Robotic kits with various model types and spare parts, Studica has a robot kit for everyone. Choose from fischertechnik Education, Makeblock, WorldSkills Mobile Robotics and more.

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