Which Pantone Color Guide Do You Need?

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Which Pantone Guide Do You Need?

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As we all know, Pantone is the authority on color management around the globe. It creates the standard language for color communication among various industries. From designers and manufacturers to retailers and consumers – Pantone ensures everyone is on the same page regarding exactly what a color should look like. This is particularly important when it comes down to print and packaging. But with all these color guide products available, how do you know which one is best for you? This article will help you to figure that out.

Which Pantone Color Guide is right for you?

There are three main types of guides to choose from. They are the Formula Guide, the Color Bridge, and the Extended Gamut. Below you will find a short description of how each is used.

pantone-pms-formula-guide-coated-uncoated-2Formula Guide:

This is the most commonly used and recognized of all the color guides. The Formula Guide provides all the Pantone Spot Colors (currently there are 1,867) and their ink formulations. This is a standard tool for most graphic design professionals. Use it to get ideas or find the perfect color.  Communicate your designs and provide specifications for your project. Then ensure everything is perfect by using this guide in the production process and for quality control. Keep in mind there are always new colors being added and colors can fade over time, so keep your formula guide up-to-date. They recommend replacing your guides every year or so for best accuracy.

Not sure you have all the colors? Refer to this helpful table.

Pantone Formula Guide Number of Colors Missing
2010-11 532
2012-13 196
2014-15 112
2016 Congratulations, you have all 1,867 Colors!

Pantone Formula Guide

Get the most-up-to-date Formula Guide now.

Pantone Color BridgeColor Bridge:

Save time and money with the Color Bridge. Like its name implies, this handy tool allows you to see what your spot color will look like if printed using a 4-color process. Get a side-by-side comparison of the PMS Spot Colors (as found in the Formula Guide mentioned above) versus the most similar CMYK printing process equivalent. It’s awesome because for every Spot Color the values for CMYK, Hex, and RGB are provided – making it the perfect tool for digital design.

Extended Gamut:

Close the gap between spot and process color printing with Extended Gamut.  Designers and printers can use this new color communication guide to get process printing closer to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors. It includes 1,729 seven-color simulations, providing much more accurate spot color matches than CMYK. With more vibrant color options and no special ink requirements, designers and printers can both take advantage of this handy tool.

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