Solving ‘Real World’ Problems with fischertechnik


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As we’ve mentioned in the past, fischertechnik is not only an exceptional tool for allowing students to learn—‘hands-on’—about various fundamentals of technology, but also for addressing real world problems in the areas of mechanized production and manufacturing.  We recently came across a rather interesting post on the  website out of Germany which described how fischertechnik’s own sister company, fischer Automotive Systems, made use of this specialized construction system to create a simulation of their own facilities. To quote:

“At fischer Automotive Systems (fas) in Horb (Germany), trainee Murat Süzgün, BA students Isabell Schaub and Simon Traub built a 1:20 scale model of the production facilities. They were supported by the KVP representative Sabine Hinz and fischertechnik model designer Hermann Dongmann. The project required over 16,000 parts from fischertechnik for the 52 injection molding machines, 200 workbenches, 100 pallets and 100 shelves.

The team was capable of simulating various changes based on the models. All totaled, this allowed approx. 200 m² of space to be saved. Originally, fischer Automotive Systems was even considering an annex due to the lack of space. However, redesigning the plant hall was considerably more economical. This fischertechnik project allowed a great deal of money to be saved.”

(Photos and text courtesy of fischertechnik GmbH website)

Author: Lance Zurek

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