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    Makeblock 42BYG Through-type Lead Screw Stepper Motor


    Makeblock 42BYG Through-type Lead Screw Stepper Motor is a special linear stepper motor equipped with a 312mm long T8 lead screw. The motion of the motor will be along a straight line when the T8 lead screw is meshing with the screw thread inside the motor.                                                                             

    When the lead screw is fixed, the motor will achieve a linear motion which will simplify the XY style motion structure. When the motor is fixed, the lead screw will start a linear motion, for instance, a pull-out structure created by the lead screw working with a cylinder.                                                                          

    42BYG Through-type Lead Screw Stepper Motor is widely used in all projects that require a high-precision motion.



    • High-precision linear motion;
    • Simple structure and multi-function;



    • Phase Number: 2;
    • Wire Number: 4;
    • Screw Lead: 2mm;
    • Step Angle: 1.8°;
    • Rated Current: 1.5A;
    • Rotor Rotational Inertia:  57g.cm²;
    • Insulation Class: B.
    MFR Part #: 81062
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