Lumion - 3D Architectural Visualization Software

Create beautiful renders easily! Lumion allows architects and designers to import big polygon models and create stunning architectural visualizations in minutes to impress clients and win business. In fact, 67 of the top 100 architect companies in the world are customers of Lumion*. Find out why – Request a Free Trial.

Users love Lumion because it is easy to learn, renders images in seconds, quickly makes changes, and creates beautiful visualizations. There are two versions available, compare Lumion and Lumion PRO. Lumion is fully compatible with most software programs including SketchUp®, Rhinoceros, Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® 3DS Max®, Vectorworks, Allplan, Bentley, and many others. Learn how pairing Revit with Lumion can produce powerful results.

Lumion 9 PRO

$3,442.55   $3,353.33

Lumion 9.x

$1,720.70   $1,669.41

* Based on the Top 100 World Architects counted in January 2018

Lumion is a real-time 3D architectural visualization tool for architects, urban planners and designers. It is a serious alternative to traditional rendering or outsourcing visualizations. When visualization is not your primary profession you need software that’s easy to pick up. You need something that gets the job done and you can rely on Lumion. Ease of use combined with fast rendering and excellent quality is why what makes Lumion such an extraordinary product. With Lumion even the most complex 3D models from your CAD software of choice can be imported with ease. For example from Trimble® Sketchup®, AutoCAD®, Revit® Architecture, 3DS Max® and many other 3D modeling packages. A dedicated update function makes it a breeze to (re-)load models that were updated in your CAD software.

Check out this great video and learn more about Lumion 3D