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    fischertechnik Automation Webinar

    Exploring Automation & Control Systems with fischertechnik

    Wednesday, June 26th, 3 PM - 4 PM Eastern

    Explore the skills gap in modern manufacturing and the growing importance of robotic control and automated processes. We will look at programmable logic controllers (PLC) and the urgent need for skilled programmers versed in PLC languages. We will discuss solutions for educators and training personnel who need effective and engaging tools for helping to teach aspects of modern manufacturing. Finally, an overview of each model is available in the fischertechnik simulation and training line

    • Modern manufacturing & the reliance on automated processes
    • PLCs & the need for trained PLC programmers
    • Importance of realistic simulation options for training
    • Other areas of need, such as logistics, IoT & cloud-based control

    Industrial Simulation & Training Models


    Explore & Demonstrate Various Aspects of Automation & Control

    The line of fischertechnik simulation solutions is designed to provide a compact, engaging, and hands-on method for teaching and demonstrating high-end automated systems. The line consists of a series of pre-assembled, small-scale models, which are designed to replicate—in appearance and function—various automated/robotic machines and systems commonly used in commercial manufacturing.

    Models in the fischertechnik Simulation line include:

    • conveyor belts
    • punching machines
    • three-axis pick and place robotic arms
    • color sorting lines
    • high-bay warehouse storage systems

    Besides these individual models which focus on specific automated processes, fischertechnik also offers an integrated Factory Simulation model. This model consists of four individual work-stations—a vacuum gripper robot, a high-bay storage warehouse, a multi-processing station with oven, and a sorting line with color detection—all working together as one self-contained, material cycle.

    24V Models for Industrial Training and Demonstration Purposes

    Each of these models—and more—are available in 24V versions, utilizing 24V motors and components. These models are designed for use with the most popular, industry-standard PLCs, and allow users to create programming using the PLC language of their choosing. These models have a PCB with a relay to reverse the motor’s direction of travel. Inputs and outputs on 24V models are designed for pin connectors 26-pin, 2.54 mm grid), and terminal blocks with push-in connections. Wiring plans and technical information is available at

    Also available in Pre-Programmed 9V Classroom-Ready Versions

    For those who want to teach or demonstrate aspects of automation and control, but who do not wish to address PLC programming, fischertechnik also offers each model in a fully programmed 9V version, pre-wired to fischertechnik’s proprietary robotic control unit. A standard power adaptor (sold separately) is required.

    IoT Solutions for Cloud-Based Control and Monitoring--Industry 4.0

    An enhanced version of the Factory Simulation called the “Training Factory Industry 4.0”, is designed for exploring and understanding the “Internet of Things”. This new model includes a WiFi router, a calibration station, and an NFC chip reader, along with a selection of workpieces each containing NFC chips. The model is controlled and monitored from a cloud-based dashboard, which can display three different perspectives: customer view, supplier view, and production view. Currently available in a 9V version and 24V version.

    Fully Assembled

    fischertechnik training solutions are delivered pre-assembled as compact, functional models. Each model is fixed onto a wooden board with screws, for maximum stability when transporting for projects, exhibitions, or trade show use. If you wish to modify or group individual models, the screws can easily be removed so that you can take full advantage of the modular design of the fischertechnik building system.

    Tutorials and Documentation

    The fischertechnik eLearning Portal provides technical documentation, wiring plans, data sheets, and additional educational material for free download. The innovative teaching materials, created by fischertechnik, are designed to provide support for teachers, instructors, and trainers in developing technical understanding in their students, and in conveying essential knowledge about the automated processes being carried out. Materials found on the portal offer visual models and tasks which can aid in the preparation of lectures, and includes problems/solutions, various handouts, templates and more. 

    Advantages of fischertechnik Simulation Solutions

    Engaging, hands-on tool for exploring and understanding automation and programming. Realistically replicate—in appearance and function—common automated systems. Compact, table-top sized models. Perfect for classroom, office, or tradeshow demonstration. High quality products, hand-assembled in Germany. 24V versions for use with most popular PLCs and programming languages 9V classroom-ready versions ship with fully programmed control units IoT specific models for demonstrating cloud-based monitoring and control Cost effective—available at a fraction of price of competing products.

    Popular Applications Include:

    Vocational education Incumbent worker training programs College and university lab use High school CTE programs Product and software development Logistics and production planning Automation and digitization Trade show demonstrations

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