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    CLASS SET Gears

    (In stock)

    How does a bevel gear, a belt gear or a rack and pinion gear work? What happens when the transmission ratio changes? Young students age 7 and up can investigate these and many other questions using 15 models and twelve experiments. The models can be set up quickly and easily in the classroom and can be used optimally with the help of the ready-made tasks and solutions.

    • Main topics simple gear types/ratios, directions of rotation, types of motion of gears
    • Includes downloadable teaching and activity materal (free download)
    • Set includes gears, bevel gears, rack, belt, chain, axles, building blocks, base plate 120x60 mm.
    • Ideal complement: STEM Gear Tech


    fischertechnik Education Mechanics 2.0

    (In stock)

    Fundamentals of Engineering and Construction: The ideal technology construction set for all future mechanical engineers. The areas of dynamics, statics, gears, structure, and bracing are all addressed as students learn by building models that illustrate the principles behind these concepts. This set will help students to answer questions such as:

    • How does a gear box work?
    • What is a planetary gear?
    • How is the movement of a windshield wiper produced?
    • How do you design a stable bridge?
    • ...and much more.

    Requires 9V battery (not included).


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    STEM Gear Tech

    (In stock)

    Explore fundamentals of gear technology with 26 different models for hands-on experimentation. Learn about lever principles, ratios, four-link systems, pulleys, differential gears, planetary gears, and much more.