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    Language Tree Online Webinar

    Pinpoint Skills Gaps of LTELs To Determine Teaching Next Steps

    Language Tree OnlineTuesday, July 26th at 3 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern

    In this webinar, the team from Language Tree Online will demonstrate standards-based digital resources and instructional strategies that can be used to support secondary English learners during Designated English Language Development (ELD). Educators will have the opportunity to learn about student engagement strategies and scaffolding techniques for this protected class time. This 30-minute webcast will cover:

    • How to use standards-based assessments to identify individual language skill gaps

    • Progress monitoring to understand when intervention is needed

    • How to encourage productive language

    Digital ELD Solutions for Middle/High School English Learners

    The Language Tree Online digital programs are aligned with the latest English Language Development standards to ensure students build a solid foundation across all four domains of language. Scaffolded instruction along with engaging visual and audio reinforcements deepen comprehension of new concepts and vocabulary. Through videos that show realistic peer-to-peer interactions, students have the opportunity to see how language is used in the appropriate situational context. Interactive lessons can be accessed by any connected device for distance learning or in the classroom. Programs can be supported through Title III and Title I funds.

    Aligned with the Latest ELD Standards

    Language Tree Online assessments and lessons are aligned with the latest ELD standards to include WIDA 2020, California 2012 ELD,  Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS), and  New York State Next Gen ELA  standards. The program is also correlated with the Louisiana ELP standards.

    ELD Comprehensive ELD Curriculum (Levels 1 & 2)

    The Language Tree Online Comprehensive ELD Curriculum (Levels 1 & 2) is a complete, standards-based online curriculum for English learners in grades 6-12. This program is designed to help students make rapid progress in all four domains of language acquisition. It includes both the ELD (English Language Development) Level 1 and ELD Level 2 programs. The Comprehensive Curriculum is recommended for classes or districts with English Learner students who range from a Newcomer and Beginner to Intermediate level or Long Term English Learners. Educators have the flexibility to assign applicable lesson modules from Level 1 and Level 2 programs based on the individual needs of their students.

    • Aligned with the most recent ELD standards, the Language Tree Online Comprehensive ELD Curriculum engages English learners in grades 6-12 with both age and level-appropriate content. Scaffolded instruction together with video, visual and audio reinforcements make new concepts and vocabulary easier to grasp. Students can access our course using any connected device for classroom or in-home learning.
    • This program can provide supplemental tools, form the foundation for your ELD/ESOL/ENL curriculum or be used for summer intervention programs and are typically supported by Title III funding. Learn more.

    ELD Level 1 Program

    The ELD Level 1 Program is a comprehensive, standards-based online program designed for Newcomer/Beginner level English learners in Grades 6-12 designed to:

    • Help students gain the critical language skills needed to progress to the next level of English proficiency.
    • Address socio-emotional needs by accelerating acculturation and understanding of American school norms so Newcomers gain confidence and a sense of belonging.
    • Reveal language skill gaps of individual learners with thorough assessments aligned with the latest ELD standards. (WIDA, California 2012 ELD standards, and TEKS. The program is also correlated with the NY Next Gen ELA Standards as well as the Louisiana ELP standards.)
    • Excellent tool for TESOL, also fits well into ELL, ESL and ESOL programs. This supplemental tool can be supported with Title III funds. Learn more.

    ELD Level 2 Program

    ELD Level 2 is specifically designed for Intermediate, Expanding/Bridging level English learners in the secondary grades. This online program can be used in the classroom or for independent, asynchronous learning anywhere.

    • Standards-based pre-and post-course assessments enable educators to pinpoint students' language gaps and better focus instruction.
    • Rigorous subject matter content, in the areas of social studies, math, and sciences, is embedded in the language lessons.
    • Comprehensive curriculum aligned with the latest English language proficiency standards. Learn more.

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