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    Studica Awards fischertechnik STEM Lab Model School Grant to Westfield Vocational Technical High School

    Studica Awards fischertechnik STEM Lab Model School Grant
    to Westfield Vocational Technical High School

    September 18, 2013 Sanborn, NY – Studica announces that Westfield Vocational Technical High School was chosen as the model school for the fischertechnik STEM Lab program. WVTHS will receive over $25,000 in equipment, standards-aligned curriculum and training to bring this powerful STEM education program to its students.  They were chosen because of their reputation in career and technical education, enthusiastic and dedicated teachers, and their longstanding commitment to help students thrive in STEM related disciplines.

    Studica has been committed to the education market for over 27 years, with STEM education programs as a key focal point. The fischertechnik STEM Lab program was designed with the goal of offering a turn-key, standards-based solution to STEM education that could easily be implemented by schools.  This new project based learning system that engages students was achieved through a collaborative effort between Studica, fischertechnik and esteemed educator, Tom White.  “We at Studica are delighted to be partnered with such a wonderful school and dedicated educators. The fischertechnik STEM Lab program created by Tom White will be a meaningful learning experience for their sophomore class. The hands-on projects Tom has created using fischertechnik teaches students the connections between the concepts they are exploring and their real-world applications.  We believe this will open the eyes of students as to why STEM is so vitally important.” Frank Nanfara, CEO, Studica.

    fischertechnik STEM Lab Model School Grant

    Westfield Vocational Technical High School fits the criteria Studica was searching for perfectly. For over eight years, their approach has been to dynamically utilize project based learning to enhance student engagement. They have found a significant increase in achievement scores since this initiative began. Their programs mimic the modern workforce giving students the experience they need for successful careers. Students learn about technology using their creativity, teamwork, problem solving and decision making skills. “Having the fischertechnik STEM Lab Program at WVTHS is a terrific opportunity for our students to learn through projects and hands on learning. The curriculum teaches skills that apply to students in our Manufacturing Technology shop and other programs. We are grateful for this opportunity.” Stefan Czaporowski, Principal, WVTHS.

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