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Since its introduction in 1964, fischertechnik has inspired builders all over the world. Below are just a few examples of what you can build with fischertechnik, which we’ve selected from the hundreds of fischertechnik related videos found on YouTube. Explore what you can do with fischertechnik from some of its most avid enthusiasts. To see more examples, click here.


fischertechnik Elementary STEM Solutions


fischertechnik Dynamic XL


Firestorm 2 Coaster from the 2011 fischertechnik Convention

2013 fischertechnik Convention video

fischertechnik Rubic's Cube Solver

Additional fischertechnik Videos

Discover even more innovation from our fischertechnik builders by clicking on the links below.

fischertechnik Elevator (4 Levels and Automatic Doors) - link

This video shows the operation of a model built using fischertechnik. The model is an elevator with 4 levels, automatic sliding doors and safety light barriers.

Vintage fischertechnik 16mm film from 1970 - link

Step back in time and enjoy the long-standing tradition of fischertechnik.

fischertechnik Simulated Manufacturing System - link

This is our Computer Engineering Manufacturing (CIM) class's Simulated Manufacturing System, made from Fischertechnik.

Automatic Skyrail using fischertechnik - link

A fischertechnik elevator is used to automate a Skyrail marble track.

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