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fischertechnik Introduction to STEM II

fischertechnik Introduction to STEM II is a more in-depth introduction to technology and robotics. This set uses everyday technology and invites students to construct 12 easy-to-understand models. Students are offered a foundation in STEM concepts with a focus on computer science. Based on the easy-to-use ROBO Pro Light software, this set introduces programming activities and incorporates robotics as a catalyst for interactive learning. Through building a model, students will experience hands-on applications of programming and see how it translates to the physical world. Engage students with hands-on activities that will help them develop an interest and aptitude in computer science and other STEM subjects. This education set is recommended for grades 3-5, and includes standards-based curriculum.

Learn more about topics covered and components included in this set in the product description below.

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Features of fischertechnik Introduction to STEM II

The fischertechnik Introduction to STEM II set is an ideal introduction to robotics and technology. This set focuses on computer science and the computational logic required to program everyday items. Students can construct 12 easy-to-understand models, including:

  • A hand dryer
  • Windshield wipers
  • A lighthouse with blinking light
  • Merry-go-round
  • An automatic sliding door

Components included to complete projects*

  • The ROBO Pro Light software makes programming easy to understand and allows students to get started quickly.
  • The ROBO LT Controller serves as a microcontroller for all of your projects. It includes 3 inputs for sensors and 2 outputs for motors or indicator lights has a USB interface for simultaneous power supply.
  • Set contains 200 fischertechnik parts, including:
    • ROBO LT Controller (USB interface/USB power supply)
    • ROBO PRO Light software
    • An XS motor
    • 2 lights
    • A lens tip lamp
    • Photo-transistor
    • 2 switches

*Windows based PC required for operation

Recommended for Grades: 3, 4 and 5

Explore essential STEM concepts, including:

  • Computer science
  • Simple machines
  • Electrical fundamentals
  • Introduction to Ohms Law
  • Motor fundamentals
  • Introduction to coding (programming)
  • Matter and weight
  • Cause and effect
  • Systems and system models
  • Developing and using models
  • Structure and function
  • Stability and change
  • Energy and motion
  • How is energy transferred?
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Constructing explanations
  • Designing solutions

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  • This set includes 200 fischertechnik components
  • Contains instructions for constructing up to 12 models
  • Recommended for grades 3 and up
  • ROBO PRO Light Software (Windows OS)

How the fischertechnik System Works

While at first glance the parts used in the fischertechnik building system might look like those found in other construction sets you have seen or used in the past, don’t be fooled. fischertechnik is in fact a very sophisticated building system constructed around a core building block that allows for attachment from all six sides. While other systems simply stack, fischertechnik uses pins and grooves. Parts are designed to slide together and lock. This video will provide an overview of how the parts fit together, how girders and gears are assembled and used, and much more.

There is also a section included in the curriculum for both Introduction to STEM sets that also features an overview of the material covered in this video.

Build a Simple Model

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with some of the types of parts found in the fischertechnik system, here is a video showing the step-by-step construction of a simple, but functional, two-gear model. The parts used for this model are found in many fischertechnik kits, including the fischertechnik Education Introduction to STEM I set. If you have access to a set, please follow along. You can also download a PDF showing the steps for building this same model.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great Hands-On Intro to Robotics

    by on

    This is a second review for me. I have purchased these kits for several Afternoon Intro to Robotics programs for 4th and 5th graders in one of my local elementary schools, and as gifts for grand nephews and nieces at home. I will provide an additional review at a later date for an in-class Intro to Robotics Module for the four 4th grades at another local elementary school. Based on my observations of the after school programs, I believe the Intro to STEM II kit is especially appropriate for 4th grade students. It is also appropriate for 5th graders, but a couple of the models are a little too simple to hold their attention. Students get a positive experience in constructing simple but interesting models, and the satisfaction of writing computer programs independently to make the models work properly. In addition, the students also learn the need for precision in both construction and programming, how to work together in teams, and how different automated machines work. Although the kits are not cheap, they are very sturdy and reliable, the drag and drop software is easily learned by the students, and the manuals are great. I think the price point is reasonable, especially with discounts for volume purchases.

    Location: Upstate NY

  2. Great Introduction to Robotics

    by on

    I bought this kit to use in an after school STEM program to introduce kids to the basics of robotics. Although some of the kits are a little "square" (e.g., a merry go round), collectively they really do introduce a nice range of possible applications of computer controlled activities. I like that: - fischertechnik blocks, which are easy for kids to learn, can be used to make just about anything; - the fischertechnik blocks are also virtually indestructible; - the kit comes in a nice storage box that can be easily labeled to separate the projects of different teams; - the 12 projects provide a set of increasingly complex objects and concepts for students to master; - the kit includes curricula, learning objectives, and questions for students; - the projects will prepare students for more advanced fischertechnik robotics kits; - the 'lite' programming language is limited which makes it easier for beginners to work with, but leads nicely into the more complex and powerful 'txt' version used in more advanced kits; The price point for this kit seems reasonable for all that is included.

    Location: Upstate NY

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