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    fischertechnik Education Offers Free Curriculum for Elementary STEM Education

    fischertechnik Education Offers Free Curriculum for Elementary STEM Education

    September 15, 2015 Sanborn, New York – The fischertechnik® Division of Studica is proud to announce that the curriculum for the Introduction to STEM I and II programs is now available to download free of charge for educators and parents via You can request your copy at This unique curricula was developed by noted STEM expert and educator, Tom White. Designed to meet current academic standards, these programs actively engage students and support a lasting comprehension and interest in STEM concepts.

    “Experts agree that success in STEM related fields is dependent upon students developing an interest and aptitude in STEM as early as possible. For this reason, we are pleased to offer the fischertechnik Introduction to STEM sets – developed specifically for elementary students. We are confident these fischertechnik Education sets will have an important impact on developing early STEM education in the classroom. We encourage teachers and parents to explore how these dynamic solutions work by downloading the curriculum at no cost to them.”

    – Frank Nanfara, Studica President & CEO

    fischertechnik Education Introduction to STEM consists of two sets. The first, fischertechnik Introduction to STEM I, is recommended for grades 2-4. It introduces students to everyday technology by integrating new concepts into your lesson plans. The second, fischertechnik Introduction to STEM II, is a more in-depth introduction to technology and robotics. This set is recommended for grades 3- 5. Both are available at

    About Studica

    Studica is the leading supplier of software, robotics and a variety of STEM education and technology products at significant discounts to students, teachers, faculty, schools, and industry. Serving local and global education markets for 30 years, Studica has offices around the world. offers relevant education solutions for STEM education, Robotics, CAD/CAM, Game Development, Programming, Design and more. In addition, it offers a wide range of products such as visualization, mechanical design software, 3D printers, DIY Robotics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Electronic hardware and much more.

    About fischertechnik Education

    For fifty years, fischertechnik has been used by schools around the globe for teaching students about technology and how things work. In fact, fischertechnik was the pioneer in allowing students to build and program their own robotic models, using the early Apple computers. The fischertechnik Education line includes sets focused on STEM related topics such as Engineering, Physics, Electronics, Renewable Energy, Optics and many more. It also includes the curriculum-centered; project-based fischertechnik STEM Lab Program sets, as well as a line of pre-assembled industrial simulation and training models.