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    Studica Partners with UTeachEngineering to Support the Engineer Your World Program

    Studica Partners with UTeachEngineering to Support the Engineer Your World Program

    September 5, 2017, Sanborn, NY – Studica, Inc. has partnered with The University of Texas at Austin’s UTeachEngineering project to provide schools the technology products required for the Engineer Your World curriculum. UTeachEngineering chose Studica based on their excellent customer service, experience in the education market, and expertise in providing effective STEM education solutions.

    Innovative and student-centered, Engineer Your World is a unique high school curriculum that has grown from a pilot offering in seven schools in Texas to over 200 schools in 24 states. Many programs claim to engage students with project based-learning techniques, but this program takes it a step further. By creating an authentic engineering experience, it exposes students to what engineering is, what engineers do and the breadth of engineering processes. It is an affordable, one-year program designed to assist students in their journey to becoming resilient problem solvers. Skills learned will be applicable to a student’s future in engineering, or any pathway they choose.

    “We are excited to be working with Studica to provide our schools with a single source to obtain the diverse components and equipment necessary for students to answer the driving questions of each design challenge. Because we work with a wide variety of schools across the US, we needed a supplier who would be both adaptable and affordable. We are confident that Studica will meet these needs.”

    -Theresa Dobbs, Senior Program Coordinator for UTeachEngineering

    Studica is excited to be working with UTeachEngineering on the Engineer Your World program because it inspires students of diverse abilities, backgrounds, and interests to learn and understand an engineer’s skills and habits of mind. This exciting curriculum combines cross discipline perspectives with core concepts to provide student-directed, design-based challenges that are socially relevant.

    About Studica

    For over 30 years, Studica has been a leading supplier of software, robotics and technology products at significant education discounts to students, teachers, faculty, and schools. Studica offers relevant solutions for STEM education, game development/design programs, and more. Studica also provides a wide range of products such as visualization and mechanical design software, 3D printers, DIY Robotics, Electronic hardware, curriculum-based solutions and much more.

    About UTeachEngineering

    Engineer Your World is a product of the UTeachEngineering project at The University of Texas at Austin. Funded by the National Science Foundation’s Math and Science Partnership program, UTeachEngineering has been a leading innovator in the field of secondary engineering education since 2008. For more information about UTeachEngineering and the Engineer Your World program, visit