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    At fischertechnik, we understand the vital importance of introducing students to STEM concepts as early in their formal education as possible. The popular "Introduction to STEM" series allows educators to offer a standards-focused, curriculum based exploration of simple machines and entry level robotics to students in grade two and above. In addition, the brand new fischertechnik STEM class sets are optimized for regular lessons at the elementary level (age 7 and up), and are designed for group work with two or more students. Each sets focuses on a specific, technical topic. Each of these class sets consist of 2 blue storage BOX 1000 units, containing 16 identical individual parts sets. This provides enough materials so that 15 students (or groups) and one teacher can each be equipped with one set. Each individual set is stored in a clearly arranged tray with a printed sorting insert for uncomplicated back-sorting. These trays can be taken to individual work stations by the students to promote a smooth teaching process. Accompanied by teaching materials which include lesson plans and task sheets with educational plan references, the class sets are ideal for teaching technical content at the primary level.


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    CLASS SET Electrical Control


    How does the staircases light turn on? Why does it go on at the bottom, and back off again at the top? Young students can learn the answers to these and other questions in an engaging and fun way through the CLASS SET Electrical Control. The set teaches all about electrical circuits using simple applications in a way kids can easily understand. The models are easy to build in the classroom and integrate with fully designed tasks and solutions.

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    CLASS SET Gears


    How does a cone gear wheel, a belt drive or a rack and pinion drive work? What happens if the gear ratio changes? Young researchers can discover the answers to these and many other questions through 15 models and twelve experiments. The models are quick and easy to build in the classroom, and the pre-designed tasks and solutions are a great addition.

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    CLASS SET Optics


    Learn about optical phenomena in the classroom and conduct experiments with light! Discover the concepts of umbra and penumbra, look at exciting objects under a magnifying glass, or tell the time using a sundial. These and other exciting topics are fun to learn about using the CLASS SET Optics. The building kit offers six models that are quick to build and easy to use in the classroom, alongside 6 exciting experiments.

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    CLASS SET Solar Energy


    Renewable energy sources are becoming more and more important. Our Solar Energy Class Set is the perfect way to teach even the youngest students about solar energy in a fun way. Three easy to build models help instructors teach the basic principles of solar energy using ten fully designed tasks and solutions, while delivering fun and exciting discoveries along the way.

    fischertechnik Introduction to STEM II - Single Set


    fischertechnik Introduction to STEM II is a more in-depth introduction to technology and robotics. This set uses everyday technology and invites students to construct 12 easy-to-understand models. Students are offered a foundation in STEM concepts with a focus on computer science. Based on the easy-to-use ROBO Pro Light software, this set introduces programming activities and incorporates robotics as a catalyst for interactive learning. Through building a model, students will experience hands-on applications of programming and see how it translates to the physical world. Engage students with hands-on activities that will help them develop an interest and aptitude in computer science and other STEM subjects. This education set is recommended for grades 3-5, and includes standards-based curriculum.

    Learn more about topics covered and components included in this set in the product description below.


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