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    Blackhawk Robotics Expansion Board for myRIO

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    Studica Blackhawk Expansion Board is a programmable expansion add on for your Mobile Robot.The board is used with the Studica MD2 driver board and the NI myRIO to control servo motors and to add additional sensor expansion and I/O including limit switches and relays.

    Requires Studica MD2 Driver Board and NI myRIO with LabVIEW and the Studica Toolkit.

      Shuttle Jog Controller

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      The Jog/Shuttle Controller is a human interface device to aid speedy and accurate manual positioning of the axes of the PCNC1100. It serves the role of the device often termed an Electronic Handwheel or MPG.

      Titan Quad Motor Controller


      The Titan Quad Motor Controller is a powerful, 4-channel CAN-based motor controller with a built-in fuse-box (for DC motors up to 20A).


      • 4 x Hardware encoder ports – one for each motor
      • 2 limit switch ports for each motor
      • Fuse box to set manual current limits
      • 2x Power extension ports to power other 12VDC devices. I.E.
        • VMX Robotics Controller
        • Servo Power Module
      • Built in LED Controller
      • 6A power supply for LED’s
      • i2c communication port to control LED Controller
      • USB ports are updated to USB-C to better support todays cable standards
      • Step File

      Tormach PathPilot Controller

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      PathPilot Controller for Tormach PCNC 1100 Mill, PCNC 770 Mill,PCNC 440 Mill and 15L Slant-PRO Lathe.

      VMX Robotics Controller


      The Studica VMX is a powerful robotics controller with technology for enabling a rich development environment.  The VMX is a Linux-based computing platform with software tools and features enabling access to cutting-edge sensors.

      VMX/Titan Plus Upgrade Kit

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      This kit may be used with older structure and most sensors. It includes everything required to connect to the collection and sensors. The only other electronic item required may be the SR-Pro Camera.



      • VMX Robotics Controller
      • Titan Quad Motor Controller 
      • VMX Cable and Board Pack
      • Titan Cable Pack
      • Servo Power Block
      • Analog Module
      • PWM Cable Set