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    myProto Protoboard for NI myDAQ & myRIO


    The Digilent myProto accessory board for the NI myDAQ and NI myRIO brings all your myDAQ/myRIO's signals to breadboard connections where they can be easily accessed using simple jumper wires, and even adds several useful I/O devices.

    The MSP connector on your myDAQ / myRIO provides power (+5 VDC and ±15 VDC) along with eight configurable digital I/O pins, two analog inputs, and two analog outputs. All of these signals are available and clearly labeled on the signal blocks at the top of the breadboard when plugged into the MSP connector. Referenece Manual


    • Access all your myDAQ's signals on a breadboard
    • Three onboard user LEDs
    • One 10K Potentiometer
    • Two Audio Jacks
    • External power connector for breadboard circuits
    • Power switches on all power supplies
    • Uses the Mini System Port (MSP) connector
    MFR Part #: 6002-410-007
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