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    NI myRIO Embedded Student Design Device

    The National Instruments myRIO-1900 is a portable reconfigurable I/O (RIO) device that students can use to design control, robotics, and mechatronics systems.

    For motor control, use the MD2 Motor Driver

    Students - Current academic verification is required to purchase this product.

    MFR Part #: 782693-01
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    NI myRIO Starter Accessory Kit

    ( 9 In stock)

    NI myRIO Starter Accessory Kit Contents

    • Barrel connector with leads
    • Assorted capacitors
    • Diodes
    • 7-segment display
    • Mechanical rotary encoder
    • Photo interruptor (light sensor with LED) 
    • Assorted op-amps
    • Assorted LEDs 
    • Small DC motor (1 VDC to 3 VDC, no load speed: 6600 rpm) 
    • Microphone with audio jack
    • MXP Breadboard Accessory
    • Potentiometer (500 k?) 
    • Relay
    • Assorted resistors
    • Piezoelectric sensor
    • Photocell
    • 2 Hall effect sensors (latch and switch) 
    • Buzzer
    • Assorted switches (DIP, slide, and rotary) 
    • Thermistor (NTC: 10 k?, 25 degrees) 
    • Assorted transistors
    • Force sensing resistor
    • Wire kit

    myParts Kit from Texas Instruments: Companion Parts Kit for NI myDAQ

    ( 21 In stock)

    The kit comes with a collection of parts that are the building blocks of all electronics, including op-amps, an instrumentation amplifier, a comparator, voltage regulators, switching regulators, digital logic gates, timers, temperature sensors, data converters, transistors, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, switches, a wiring kit and more.

    NI Multisim Circuit Design Suite - Student Edition

    (In stock)

    NI Circuit Design Suite combines Multisim 14.3 and Ultiboard software, to offer students a complete set of tools for circuit design, simulation, validation, and layout. The Circuit Design Suite software download helps you design circuits using intuitive and cost-effective tools.


    Note: (Only for sale to Students and Faculty in the USA for lab preparation on personal computers, not for classroom or institutional use.)

    myProto Protoboard

    ( 3 In stock)

    The Digilent myProto accessory board for the NI my-DAQ and NI my-RIO brings all your my-DAQ/my-RIO's signals to breadboard connections where they can be easily accessed using simple jumper wires, and even adds several useful I/O devices.

      NI myRIO Embedded Systems Accessory Kit

      ( 0 In stock)

      The NI myRIO Embedded Systems Accessory Kit contains common sensors, devices, and a display.

      Required for APUS courses: ELEN430, ELEN435, ELEN436, ELEN440, ELEN498, ELEN499

      (NI myRIO not included)