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    NI Multisim Circuit Design Suite - Student Edition

    (In stock)

    NI Circuit Design Suite combines Multisim 14.3 and Ultiboard software, to offer students a complete set of tools for circuit design, simulation, validation, and layout. The Circuit Design Suite software download helps you design circuits using intuitive and cost-effective tools.


    Note: (Only for sale to Students & Faculty in the USA for lab preparation on personal computers, not for classroom or institutional use.)

    NI myDAQ - for K12 Classrooms

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    National Instrument's NI myDAQ is designed to give students the ability to work on engineering course work and experiment with projects hands-on anywhere, anytime. The NI myDAQ is a high-quality instrumentation device gives student's the power to prototype systems and test circuits outside of the classroom while improving comprehension with continuous reinforcement.


    For all Classroom options and Quotations, please contact an Account representative for more information, and to discuss your specific needs.



    NI myRIO Embedded Student Design Device

    (45 In stock)

    The National Instruments myRIO-1900 is a portable reconfigurable I/O (RIO) device that students can use to design control, robotics, and mechatronics systems.

    For motor control, use the MD2 Motor Driver

    Powerpole Crimp Tool 15, 30, 45

    (9 In stock)

    ThePowerpole Crimp Tool 15, 30, 45 crimping tool provides a positive crimp on the 15, 30 & 45 amp contacts manufactured by Anderson Power Products for the Powerpole® line of products. It has the following features.

    Practical Soldering Project Kit

    (53 In stock)

    Working with printed circuit boards is in the future of every electronic technician. Almost every electronic device today has a printed circuit board and whether you are assembling a PC board or repairing it; you must understand the basics of working with these boards. Good soldering requires practice and an understanding of soldering principles. This solder practice project will help you achieve good soldering techniques; help you become familiar with a variety of electronic components; and provide you with dynamic results.

    Snap Circuits - AC Adapter

    (4 In stock)

    Tired of buying batteries for your Snap Circuits. With this battery eliminator you won't ever have to buy batteries again. This Snap Circuits adapter works with all versions of Snap Circuits.

    Solder Practice Kit with Iron & Cutters

    (22 In stock)

    This kit is a must for the beginner. After practicing your soldering techniques on the special area of the board; you will be ready to assemble this European siren with flashing LED's. This kit also includes a soldering iron and wire cutters. This kit requires soldering.

    UND Basic Parts Bundle for EE206L (NI myDAQ not included)

    This student bundle for University of North Dakota students includes:
    • 1- 140 piece Jump Wire Kit
    • 1- 370 piece 1/4W Resistor Kit
    • 1- 100 piece Capacitor Component Kit
    • 1 - Choke, Axial, Conformal, 1000 uH 5% Inductor
    • 2 - 1000 pF 100 Volt Silver Mica Capacitor BC# 8860720
    • 3 - Inductor, Toroid, Vertical, 1000.0 uH, 1.3 IDC, 0.4 OHM
    • 3 - IC OP amp GP 1MHZ 8DIP
    • 1 - 9V battery
    • 1 - Alligator Clips

    UND Parts Bundle for EE313L


    This student bundle for University of North Dakota - EE313L, includes:

    • 1 - 10K OHM 5% 1/4W AXIAL Resistor
    • 1 - 1K OHM 5% 1/6W AXIAL Resistor
    • 1 - 100 OHM 5% 1/4W AXIAL Resistor
    • 1 - 120 OHM 5% 1/4W AXIAL Resistor
    • 1 - 200 OHM 5% 1/6W AXIAL Resistor
    • 1 - 5 OHM 5% 5W AXIAL Resistor
    • 1 - 16K OHM 5% 1/4W AXIAL Resistor
    • 1 - CER 1UF 25V X7R RADIAL Capacitor
    • 1 - FIXED IND 10MH 170MA 10.86OHM TH
    • 1 - FIXED IND 1MH 100MA 20 OHM TH
    • 1 - SWITCH SLIDE SPDT 0.4VA 28V
    • 1 - CER 10UF 50V X7S RADIAL Capacitor
    • 1 - CER 10000PF 400VAC Y5V RAD Capacitor
    • 1 - 16 OHM 5% 1/4W AXIAL Resistor
    • 1 - Carbon Film 20 Ohm 1/4 Watt 5% Resistor
    • 1 - Carbon Film 8.2k Ohm 1/4 Watt 5% Resistor

    UND Student EE304 Basic Parts Bundle (Partial Kit) - (Does Not Include the myDAQ/Protoboard)

    UND Student EE304 Basic Parts Bundle (Partial Kit) includes:
    • 1 - 9V battery
    • 1 - Thermistor 10k
    • 5 - LED indicators - Red
    • 2 - 1.5MHZ 8DIP Op-Amps
    • 2 - 1kΩ Resistors
    • 2 - 4.7kΩ Resistors
    • 2 - 3.3kΩ Resistors
    • 2 - 2.2kΩ Resistors
    • 2 - 15kΩ Resistors
    • 3 - 7.5kΩ Resistors
    • 1 - Thermistor PTC 100 Ohm 2 Pin
    • 1 - Thermistor NTC K +/-10% 100k Ohm
    • 1 - 1/2" Circular Force Sensing Resistor
    • 1 - 1.5 To 24 Volt Motor Grab Bag

    Vernier Goniometer

    $51.35 $169.00
    (79 In stock)

    The Goniometer can be used to measure the dynamic motion of a limb during different types of physical activity.

    • A set of elastic straps are used to secure the sensor to the subject.
    • The lightweight and flexible joint arms allow the limb to move naturally.
    • Use it with an EKG Sensor to measure muscle activity during limb motion.
    • The sensor can also be detached from the base plate and flexible arms so it can be used in a variety of STEM and engineering activities.

    Vernier Low-G Accelerometer

    $99.41 $99.00
    (2 In stock)

    The Low-g Accelerometer is the best choice for most acceleration experiments, including Newton’s second law, simple harmonic motion, and the relationship between acceleration and force. It can also be used to study one-dimensional motion of a car (real and toy), an elevator, a pendulum bob, or an amusement park ride.

    Vernier myDAQ Adapter

    (44 In stock)

    The adapter includes two connectors for Vernier analog sensors and one connector for Vernier digital sensors. A screw terminal and header pins provide access to myDAQ lines not used by the connectors. This includes the two analog output lines, three digital lines (including the digital lines with the frequency and pulse width modulation outputs), and a +5 volt power terminal.

    Dual-band Vertical Antenna

    $59.00 $59.00

    Includes one Dual-band Vertical Antenna, 824 to 960 MHz, 1710 to 1990 MHz Quad-band Cellular/PCS and ISM Band omni-directional vertical antenna, at 3dBi Gain.