FT STEM League Giveaway

Congratulations to the winners
of the FT STEM League Giveaway:

Elizabeth from Watertown High School
Sheila from Lakeside Elementary

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Bring Robotics to your Classroom and Watch Engagement Soar!

In celebration of National Robotics Week, Studica and fischertechnik Education present the FT STEM League Giveaway. Enter your school for a chance to win a classroom pack of four FT STEM League Robotics Competition Starter Sets. 

Entering the Giveaway is Easy!

We want to make entering the giveaway as easy as possible for educators and students interested in bringing robotics to their school. All you need to do to complete the entry form below and write a brief essay (300-600 words) telling us how your school would benefit by starting a robotics program with fischertechnik. Again, this giveaway is open to both teachers and students looking to enter on behalf of their school.

Possible topics for your essay may include:

  • Is your school under-funded? How does this affect your ability to provide relevant STEM curricula?
  • What impact will hands-on robotics have in your classroom?
  • How would the fischertechnik Education robotic sets help encourage student engagement?
  • Does your school have an existing STEM program? How would integrating fischertechnik Education improve it?
  • Give us an overview of your current academic program, and discuss how fischertechnik Education could help support your goals.

Whichever way you decide to share your story with us, please make sure to tell us in your own words why your school deserves to win this classroom pack of Robotics Competition Starter sets. Prizes will be awarded directly to the school indicated on the winning entry form. For complete details on how to enter, please download the entry form. All entries will be accepted until May 31st, 2016. 

Download Entry Form

What is the FT STEM League?

The soon to be announced FT STEM League is a STEM Robotics Competition program designed to help schools engage students in the evolving field of robotics and its applications. The FT STEM League challenges and activities will promote critical STEM learning, while providing students an in-depth understanding of how these concepts connect to the world around them. Participating in FT STEM challenges is simple and affordable. There is no cost to join, though cooperating schools should acquire designated competition sets to take part in activities. Teachers can register as many teams as they like at no extra charge.

What is the Robotics Competition Starter Set?


The Robotics Competition Starter set is exclusive to the FT STEM League program. This set allows you to construct 14 different models and contains everything you need to get your students started building their own robots. Essential components include the TXT Controller, ROBO Pro software, and the Accu Set with a rechargeable battery and charging unit. Get your students excited about STEM learning by offering them the opportunity to program their own robot and compete in robotic competitions.

Through bringing their robotic designs to life, they will delve into core STEM concepts and establish a solid foundation in skills that will benefit them in higher education and possible career fields. The FT STEM League Robotics Competition Starter set builds student confidence in technical skills with a series of fun, engaging fischertechnik models.

About fischertechnik Education

The FT STEM League is supported by Studica and fischertechnik Education. fischertechnik Education is dedicated to supporting future generations of STEM professionals. The materials and resources found in fischertechnik Education sets offer students of all ages the ability to develop a deep understanding of, not only how devices and mechanisms work, but also how they may be improved and/or modified for practical applications. fischertechnik Education does not shroud technology in mystery or complex equations; rather these products help students learn how to use technology and adapt it to create something new.

To learn more, visit fischertechnik Education.

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