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    Kep nuts, Nyloc nuts and T-slot nuts for your robotics designs.

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    M3 Kep Nut (pack of 100)

    ( 20 In stock)

    A pack of 100 Studica Robotics M3 Kep Nuts for use with robotics design.

    M3 Nyloc Nut (pack of 100)

    ( 11 In stock)

    A pack of 100 Studica Robotics M3 Nyloc Nuts for robotics design.

    M3 T-Slot Nut (100 pack)

    ( 45 In stock)

    The Studica Robotics M3 T-Slot Nut 100 pack, is a Hammer Head Series 20, used with any M3 screw and fits the Studica T-Slot Extrusion.

    M3 x 10mm Low Profile Screw with Kep Nut (6 pack)

    ( 23 In stock)

    The M3 x 10mm low profile screw with Kep Nut is a 304 Stainless Steel M3 Din 7991 countersunk hex socket flat head screw with a matching Kep Nut. This package is made for the Slide Rail, 288mm Length, 180mm Stroke and the Slide Rail, 384mm Length, 240mm Stroke