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    The fischertechnik PLUS line includes items which provide added functionality to your  models—light, movement & sound, as well as options for providing power, and even practical storage options.


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    fischertechnik Creative Box Basic


    The Creative Box Basic allows students to unleash their creativity.  Equipped with a large assortment of building blocks, angle brackets, building plates and various other static elements, this set is the perfect enhancement to your current fischertechnik parts collection. The Creative Box Basic is great for freestyle building, reconstructing an existing theme or model, or expanding upon any existing FT projects.

    fischertechnik Creative Box Mechanics


    The fischertechnik Creative Box Mechanics is the perfect addition to your favorite technically themed FT sets and projects. The collection of gear wheels, pinions, axles, and other components allow students to construct simple mechanical models such as a worm drive, a chain transmission, or a winch. The hands-on building of these models makes it easy for students to recognize and understand how they function, as well as promoting constructive thinking.

    fischertechnik Designer Software


    NEW VERSION--The ideal software to plan, develop, and implement fischertechnik models. Easy to navigate, with a huge range of functions available. Perfect for schools, universities, training, or for anyone who needs to visualize technical processes using the fischertechnik system.

    • Contains nearly 1000 components of all types, including pneumatic parts, motors/drives, aluminum bars, and stickers.
    • Model animation in real time, including tracking shots and zoom
    • Allows for components such as elastic pneumatic hose, power supplies, and wiring.
    • Models can be divided into as many construction phases as needed, to create easy-to-understand operating manuals. Construction phases can also be hidden, or individual components can be colored white
    • For large model designs (or slower computers), animation can be designed as an AVI file
    • Supports the free Raytracer , POV-Ray, and Blender, for realistic pictures with shadows, reflections, and radiosity.
    • Export 3D-CAD data: RAW, VRML, POV and X3D. The VRML format allows models to be processed with almost any professional CAD system

    fischertechnik Education Accu Set - 110V


    fischertechnik Accu Set provides fast, reliable charging of your rechargeable NiMH battery (included). This high-powered NiMH Accu Pack also features a microcontroller to protect from overcharging. With this short-circuit protection, the charger is able to recharge your battery in two hours - at the most (8.4V, 1500mAh)! Keep your fischertechnik designs moving with the fischertechnik Accu Set.

    fischertechnik Education Bluetooth Control Set


    The fischertechnik Bluetooth Control Set makes it possible to control fischertechnik models remotely using the included remote control or a Smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth low energy technology offers a long range of up to 10 meters. Control up to three motors and one servo motor. Steering angle and speed control are infinitely variable. Remote control can be operated with up to two receivers, allowing for numerous applications. Thanks to the applied Bluetooth technology, several Bluetooth Control Sets can be used in the same room without interfering with each other.

    Includes: control unit, receiver, and servo. Also requires: For transmitter: 9V alkaline battery (battery not included); for receiver: Accu Set (sold separately)

    fischertechnik Education Box 1000


    fischertechnik Box 1000 secures and stores up to 42 fischertechnik parts. This item comes with 8 sorting boxes and 32 sorting paritions. The cover included with the Box 1000 can also serve as a big building board - measuring 390 x 270 mm. Keep your fischertechnik components organized with this practical storage system.

    fischertechnik Education Motor Set XM - In Stock.


    fischertechnik Motor Set XM is a high performance geared motor in compact plastic casing with numerous possibilities for attachments. Includes many toothed gears, axles and gearbox parts.

    45 Individual parts

    Performance data: Voltage 9V –..., max. output 3.0 W at about 340 RPM.



    fischertechnik LED Set


    The fischertechnik LED Set is just the right solution for more light! The construction sets can now be upgraded even further with more luster and additional light effects. The LED set contains two Rainbow LEDs that flash in different colors and frequencies, together with two white LEDs and a battery holder.

    Includes: 2x Rainbow LEDs, 2x white LEDs, battery holder for 9V block battery (battery not included)

    Ideal additions: Accu Set, Power Set

    fischertechnik Motor Set XS


    Small, compact geared motor in plastic casing with numerous attachment and connection possibilities. With many toothed gears, axles, driving gears and safety battery tray with pole-reversing switch. Technical Data: 9V, max 1 W at 6000rpm. REQUIRES 9V battery--not included.

    fischertechnik Power Set


    fischertechnik Power unit with infinitely variable control unit. Plug in Class-2 Transformer. Input AC 120 V 60 Hz 150mA. Output DC 9V 1A.