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    July 30, 2013 Sanborn, NY - Studica, the education source for software and technology products, in collaboration with Tom White, esteemed STEM educator, have created a new miniSystem. The mySTEM™ Board is designed to work with the National Instruments myDAQ data acquisition device and the LabVIEW graphical programming environment. The mySTEM Board is ideal for teaching and learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It will be distributed exclusively through the web store.

    The purpose of this miniSystem is to enhance the capabilities of the myDAQ. Both parties recognized that the myDAQ is an excellent instrumentation and measurement device that schools can purchase at an affordable price.  Together LabVIEW and the NI myDAQ can fully replicate expensive instrumentation such as an oscilloscope or dynamic signal analyzer. The trade-off for the affordability of the myDAQ is that the signals it generates are very low power.  As advocates of the education market, it was understood that the best projects for STEM education require monitoring processes with sensors to make decisions that lead to the appropriate output.  As is, the myDAQ cannot control higher current devices, this is a problem that the mySTEM™ Board miniSystem solves.

    The mySTEM Board allows the user to turn an ordinary myDAQ into a programmable action controller allowing for connection to large, higher current devices. It can control four separate output channels. The mySTEM™ Board also comes with comprehensive learning resources prepared by Tom White that may be used by any beginner in the STEM field to gather data, make decisions and control output devices. These resources lead the educator through the process of designing programs, convert state machine diagrams and flowcharts into LabVIEW programming that will control their systems and much more. These learning resources are designed to engage students by offering more creativity in exploring solutions. “The mySTEM™ board was created to allow students to connect the myDAQ to output devices. With a minimum of wiring a student can write a control program in LabVIEW and connect to hundreds of different kinds of output devices. Students can concentrate on signal processing and the logic of control. The mySTEM™ board allows students to set up projects without unnecessary complexity.” Explains Tom White, Educator and Creator.

    To allow the mySTEM Board and myDAQ to build fully-functional prototypes and models, the mySTEM Do Engineering Component Kit is also available. This kit includes over 480 precision-made fischertechnik parts such as switches, lights, gearboxes and more. These new offerings are perfect to enhance Engineering, Technology, Robotics and other STEM Education related disciplines.

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