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    Education Webinars for Teachers

    Browse Studica's schedule of free education webinars that showcase a variety of technology, curriculum, software, and education solutions for classrooms. These are free webinars for teachers. Reserve your spot today! Keep scrolling for Studica Robotics updates.

     webinars for teachers 

        July 25th, Thursday - 3 PM Eastern

        Teaching Mechatronics with Project-Based Solutions

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     education webinars for teachers

         July 31st, Wednesday - 3 PM Eastern

         Exploring Automation & Control Systems with fischertechnik

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    Studica Robotics Grant Program

    Studica Robotics awards grants for robotics teams monthly, Apply now.


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    Studica Robotics is always on the lookout for exciting robotics competitions and events. Check back soon for what's coming!

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    Webinars for Teachers

    Studica offers monthly education webinars for teachers. Topics for education webinars are focused on education solutions for software, curriculum, educational technology webinars, and other solutions for STEM and STEAM Education. These are free webinars for teachers.