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    Clean Energy Technology

    Clean Energy Technology - This curriculum enables students to apply fundamental science and operating principles of clean energy systems to authentic problems that involve motors and generators, photovoltaic systems, water and energy conservation, wind turbines, biofuel generation, bioreactors, water power, energy harvesting, fuel cells, and nuclear power.

    Cobra Line Follower Sensor


    The Cobra Line Follower Array provides 4 X QRE1113 IR reflectance sensor mounted on a 9mm pitch Each sensor is comprised of two parts - an IR emitting LED and an IR sensitive phototransistor. When you apply power to the VCC and GND pins the IR LED inside the sensor will illuminate.

    The Studica Line Sensor Board consists of 4 IR LED/phototransistor pairs, making it a great detector for a line-following robot.  The Line Sensor Board allows the robot to tell objects or surfaces apart based on how dark or light they are. It shines a beam of infrared light out onto the object, and measures how much light is reflected back.

    Each sensor provides a separate analog voltage output. The sensor board is an infrared emitter/receiver that is able to differentiate between a dark surface (with low IR reflectivity – 3.3V to 5V) and a light surface (with high IR reflectivity – 0V to 0.5V). However, this range can vary depended on the installed height of the sensor board. 

    The optimum height distance is 3-5 mm; however, the reflectivity values will change depending on distance. A daylight filter is built into the sensor.

    • 5VDC operating voltage (recommended)
    • 70mA supply current
    • Optimal sensing distance: 0.125" (3mm)
    • Step File

    Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor

    The CTSN-100 Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor performs two functions in one device. First the user can measure the absorption of the sample at the three different wavelengths provided by the Red, Green, and Blue emitters. Second, the user can measure the turbidity of the sample, using the infrared emitter to determine the turbidity of the sample.



    Comprehensive ELD Curriculum (Levels 1 & 2)


    The Language Tree Online Comprehensive ELD Curriculum (Levels 1 & 2) is a complete, standards-based online curriculum for English learners in grades 6-12. This program is designed to help students make rapid progress in all four domains of language acquisition. It includes both the ELD (English Language Development) Level 1 and ELD Level 2 programs. The Comprehensive Curriculum is recommended for classes or districts with English Learner students who range from a Newcomer and Beginner to Intermediate level or Long Term English Learners. Educators have the flexibility to assign applicable lesson modules from Level 1 and Level 2 programs based on the individual needs of their students.  

    Computer Inteface for Snap Circuits


    The CI-73 allows the SC-300 or SC-500 set to interface with a computer! With this module, you will learn about and use an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer, as you build over 73 BONUS PROJECTS using your Windows-based PC (32 projects require the SC-500). Comes with all of the interface parts you need and the software. Great for introducing electronics through a computer. Acts as a scope and allows you to see the signals in the circuit.

    Course 1 - Siemens Engineering Design


    Perfect introductory curriculum for middle, high school and maker spaces, this course challenges students to work in teams to solve complex design problems. Students research, design, develop, and communicate design solutions Teams use engineering software to prepare and evaluate designs and make extensive use of 3D printing to prepare models for presentation to authentic audiences. The goal of the course is the application of the tools to address unique problems allowing the students to rapidly create and analyze proposed solutions. Siemens’ software and hardware are tools frequently used by industry and understanding how these tools are used in problem solving is critical.

    Course 2 - Siemens Manufacturing and Automation


    This course is designed for students who have experience with the Engineering Design course, providing students with experience in the creation of a design, preparing the design for machining and designing the automation necessary to control processes. This manufacturing course will challenge students to collaborate and solve design problems by working in teams. They must research and report their findings. This course helps prepare students to obtain Siemens PLC and Solid Edge certifications. It also utilizes the various Siemens’ software as tools for problem-solving and preparing solutions. The goal of the course is the application of the tools to address unique problems, allowing the students to rapidly create and analyze proposed solutions.

    databot Single


    Meet databot™ – one tiny brilliant cube packed with high-tech, science exploration fun.  Databot™ fits in the palm of your hand, collects information from 11 included sensors that measure motion, temperature, altitude, velocity and so much more!  The data is streamed instantly to provide engaging experiments in science, coding, and technology in every learning environment imaginable! The databot™  kit includes everything you need to get started – just add a computer or tablet!

    DC Power Plug 2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD w/1m 18AWG cable


    Ideal for the myRIO.

    • Inside Contact Diameter: 2.1mm
    • Outside Contact Diameter: 5.5mm
    • Termination Style: Solder Cup
    • Voltage Rating: 12 V
    • 6 Amp
    • 1 meter cord length
    • 18AWG or 20AWG wire guage
    • DC connector type

    Deluxe Case for Snap Circuits


    Heavy duty plastic case with 2 custom foam inserts for housing your Snap Circuits parts. Makes it easy to identify missing components. Also includes a separate small case to hold the smaller loose parts.

    DF45-NYP - Nylon Black Filament


    Dremel Nylon filament has been specifically engineered for optimal printing with your Dremel 3D Printer 3D45.

    • RFID filament recognition tag - Printer automatically adjusts settings by reading the filament RFID tag

    • Provides a very smooth surface for strong and flexible prints with heavy wear resistance

    DREMEL 3D40 FLEX EDU Bundle


    Implementing 3D printing just got easier. Introducing the Dremel 3D40 FLEX 3D printer Education bundle, with lesson plans, professional development and easy-to-use software.

    DREMEL 3D45 EDU Bundle


    Implementing 3D printing just got easier. Introducing the Dremel 3D45 3D printer Education bundle, with lesson plans, professional development and easy-to-use software.

    Dremel Build Tape with Leveling Sheet


    Dremel Build Tape with Leveling Sheet offers you the additional or replacement accessories you need to keep your Dremel 3D printer working. Use Dremel Build Tape to protect your build platform and optimize your 3D printing process. It is also a great idea to analyze and re-align your build platform. That's where the Leveling Sheet can help. These must-have accessories are available in a single bundle to help maintain your Dremel 3D printer and support your next series 3D designs!

    Educator License - Annual price per license

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    We know you need to track system requirements and standards. With BrightShift, you can create tests with categorical scoring that matches your approved standards. You can quickly see test results by roster and across categories. Instant assessment provides feedback on standard areas for classes and individual students, giving you insight for success.

    Electromyography (EMG) Sensor - Connectors: UC-E6

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    Purpose-built sensor for muscle activity measurement.


    • Voltage differential measurement
    • 3- or 2-lead electrode cable operation (only one REF is needed when using multiple EMGs)
    • Gain: 1009
    • Range: ±1.65mV
    • Bandwidth: 25-482Hz
    • CMRR: 80dB
    • Input impedance: 10GOhm

    ELVIS Breadboard Input Adapter


    Adapter Board for Use with the IX-ELVIS

    The IX-ELADP is a two channel adapter for interfacing iWorx Systems, Inc. transducers to the stock NI ELVIS II SERIES PROTOTYPING BOARD included with the NI ELVIS system manufactured by National Instruments.

    The IX-ELADP is an open PCB with 2 MINIDIN7 connectors that mate to the analog outputs from the transducers. There is also a gain set resistor option.

    Encoder cable 3ADR 600mm


    Encodercable 3wire

    137125: Encodercable

    Encodercable 4wire


    Engineering Applications of Computer Science Course - Medium Kit - (Shipping not included in price)


    This Engineering Applications of Computer Science Course -Medium Kit will contain items for up to 20 students in one class. Engineer Your World Kits – a full kit of equipment and supplies for your classroom.