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    The latest STEM solutions, procurement fulfillment and kitting services available for all school budgets.

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    AM Radio Kit

    (2 In stock)

    Learn how to build your own radio AM radio kit. Tune in your favorite AM radio stations. Easy to read operating manual. Safe solderless, educational fun. Requires one 9 Volt battery Ages 8 & Up.

    Artificial Selection and Cloning - Consumables Kit

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    Astronaut Sun Power Kit

    (0 In stock)

    Construct a motorized DIY project using power from a solar cell or one “AA” battery (not included). Learn how motors and automotive transmissions work. Includes a solar cell, plastic body, gears, shafts, motor, and all necessary parts.

    Automated Materials Joining Technology

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    Automated Materials Joining Technology will appeal to students who want to focus on joining and forming technologies, materials science, computer-aided design and automated systems — key facets of advanced manufacturing — while applying math and science knowledge to design and produce products.

    For all Classroomoptions and Quotations, please contact an Account representativefor more information, and to discuss your specific needs.

    Basic Parts Kit

    (37 In stock)
    This Basic Parts Kit provides you with 100's of parts to aid you in your prototype needs. Perform experiments first hand and develop a greater understanding of key concepts.

    Battery Essentials Pack

    (In stock)

    Create more with more power. Each Cubelets® robot construction needs a Battery block to function. With four more Battery blocks in this expansion pack, you can invent four times the robots. This is perfect for classrooms or workshops that break into small groups for instruction and construction.

    BATUltrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring

    (1 In stock)

    This Chemistry Lab Kit includes 8 safe to use chemicals, 80 safety tested experiments. Comes with complete instruction manual

    Beetle Robot

    (0 In stock)

    The Beetle is an infrared remote control kit. Its microprocessor provides four different channels that allow up to four Beetles to operate at the same time. Two motors operate the open, close, lift and lower functions of the large pinchers in the front. The Beetle moves using six wheels that can move forward, backward, right and left. This kit is ideal for learning about gear structure, motor principles, and electronic circuits.

    Big Kid Scientist - Mini Electric Guitar

    (0 In stock)

    Grab this sweet mini 4-string electric guitar before they are gone! Features a built in amp and speaker so you can rock on the go and a standard 1/4" jack to plug in to a real amp and really get loud! Easy to assemble, fun to play!

    BITalino 1-lead sensor cable

    (11 In stock)

    BITalino 1-lead sensor cableis anindividual cable to connect the sensor pins (IN+, IN-, and REF) to the electrodes.


    • Length: 40cm (others possible on request)
    • Sensor connector: Crimp pin (compatible with the individual pins on the Molex Sherlock male plug)
    • Electrode connector: Standard snap on socket

    Breadboard and Jumper Wire Kit

    (31 In stock)
    This NI Breadboard is a 830 tie point breadboard that comes with a 70 piece jumper wire set designed for use with National Instruments myDAQ portable data acquisition device.

    Brick Adapter-4-pack

    (In stock)

    Use these little yellow adapters to connect CUBELETS and LEGO® bricks!

    BrightShift Educator License - Annual price per license

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    (In stock)

    We know you need to track system requirements and standards. With BrightShift, you can create tests with categorical scoring that matches your approved standards. You can quickly see test results by roster and across categories. Instant assessment provides feedback on standard areas for classes and individual students, giving you insight for success.

    Bug Catching Net

    (0 In stock)

    The Bug Catching Net has an extendable handle from 21.9" to 31.5" with a 7.7" diameter net. Great for outdoor play!

    Bug Collector Set

    (1 In stock)

    This Bug Collector Set will help you collect bugs without hurting them. Children can observe and discover the living things around them.

    Bug House

    (0 In stock)

    This Bug House has a snap lock lid for easy capture and release, Ventilated design. Use the bug house to observe living creatures. Great for outdoor play!