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    Studica Robotics is a comprehensive robotics building platform with everything you need to build, learn, and compete. Our wide selection of durable robot parts and robotics kits are ideal for use in the classroom, robot competitions, robotics team training, and more. We offer a variety of colored structure and motion components, electronicshardware, and building kits, you'll find everything you need to build and empower your robot with cutting-edge capabilities. Discover your true building potential with Studica Robotics

    Resources for Robotics

    Studica Robotics is committed to innovation and excellence, as evidenced by our partnership with WorldSkills and our exclusive supply of robotics components for the Autonomous Mobile Robotics Competition. Studica Robotics is used in over 40 countries around the world. View Usage Map. Contact us if we can help!

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    Flats Pack

    (In stock)


    • 2 - 432mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76058
    • 2 - 384mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76059
    • 2 - 336mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76060
    • 1 - 288mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76061-2
    • 2 - 240mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76062
    • 1 - 192mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76063-2
    • 1 - 144mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76064-2
    • 1 - 96mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76065-2
    • 1 - 192mm x 96mm Flat Bracket (2 pack)  76066-2

    FTC Starter Kit (2023-2024)

    (In stock)

    The FTC Starter Kit from Studica Robotics is a robust training kit that allows students to create, build, and prototype their own robot designs, making it an ideal solution for hands-on STEM learning activities and prepping students for robotics competitions like FTC. This kit includes many parts for building a robot for competitions.


    FTC Teams are eligible to purchase one kit at a heavily discounted price.  To apply for the discount please click the link below.


    FTC Team Special Price - $585



    Students can use components from the Starter Kit to build a robot of their own design.  Examples of the Starter Kit with customization are shown above in our images and video.

    Gear Pack

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics Gear Pack includes 32, 64 and 128 tooth gears, shaft hubs and socket head cap screws, ideal for your robotics designs.

    Gear wheel T15, black

    (In stock)

    35695: Idler Gear Z 15

    Gear wheel T20, black

    (In stock)

    Gear wheel T30, black

    (In stock)

    36264: Gear Wheel Z 30, M 1,5

    I2C to I2C 3pin female to female cable, 22WAG

    (In stock)

    iCrimp Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit

    (In stock)

    iCrimp Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit, AWG 23-10 is a self-adjustable Ratchet Ferrule Crimper Plier with 770End Sleeve Ferrules Connector Terminals for Electricians, Contractors, Repair Support and Robotics designs.

    IR Range Sensor Bracket

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics IR Range Sensor Bracket can be used to secure the IR Range Sensor to the Studica build structure.

    JST-GH to JST-GH Cable

    (In stock)

    The JST-GH to JST-GH Cable connects external sensors, breakout boards or other devices.

    Detailed Specifications:

    • Cable Length: 25 cm
    • Connectors: 4-pin JST-GH (2)
    • Wire Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green

    Linear Motion Shaft D8x496mm-H

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics linear motion shaft of 8mm in diameter and 496mm in length is chrome plated and case hardened; suitable for use with slide units in linear motion applications. The high-carbon steel shaft is chrome plated for corrosion resistance, case hardened for wear resistance, and precision ground for consistent ball bushing radial clearance. Used with Linear Motion Slide Unit 8mm -2 pack

    Linear Motion Slide Unit 8mm (2 pack)

    (In stock)

    This linear motion closed type slide unit has an 8 mm inside diameter. The slide unit, designed to carry a component, has a housing with a flat mounting face and four tapped bolt holes, and circle clips at each end to retain the ball bushing. Ball in the cage loop to run a smooth ball guide surface to ensure even if high-speed operation, low noise. 


    Linear Servo RC Actuator 140S-190N

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics Linear Servo RC Actuator 140S-190N is a new linear servo motor which has a stroke of 140mm and a max force of 190N. 

    Lyon Challenge Elements

    # 75106

    The Lyon Challenge Elements are used for training, but may not be used for the WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Mobile Robotics Competition.

    M3 Kep Nut (pack of 100)

    (In stock)

    A pack of 100 Studica Robotics M3 Kep Nuts for use with robotics design.

    M3 Nyloc Nut (pack of 100)

    (In stock)

    A pack of 100 Studica Robotics M3 Nyloc Nuts for robotics design.