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    Extensis Believes in Purposeful Design, Efficiency and the Big Idea

    Extensis are experts in font management and digital assest management software. The company's products focus on easy-to-use solutions for protecting and making efficient use of your digital assets. Extensis helps creativity happen. It is responsible for developing and manufacturing products that make it easier to catalog and maintain vast stores of information. The best software solutions are smart and elegant. Extensis excels at providing both.

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    Extensis Connect Fonts Powered by Suitcase - Academic Annual Subscription

    $74.00 $108.00
    (In stock)

    Desktop and cloud-based Connect Fonts Powered by Suitcase is a flexible font manager with intuitive search, pairing suggestions, and remote access for instant collaboration.

    Extensis Connect Assets Annual Subscription for Schools

    $209.99 $300.00
    (In stock)

    Cloud-based Connect Assets is a central source for every digital asset that makes finding files fast, organizing them simple, and collaboration easy for teams of all sizes.

    Portfolio Enterprise (Annual Academic Subscription)

    $594.90 $850.00
    (In stock)

    Extensis Portfolio is a digital asset and brand asset management tool that allows you to create a central source for all images, videos, audio files, and documents — across brands, clients, and projects. Save time, improve communication, get organized, reduce production requests and costs, and realize brand strategies more effectively with Portfolio.

    Portfolio Professional (Annual Academic Subscription)

    $384.94 $550.00
    (In stock)

    Create a repository for all your assets with relevant keywords and metadata so that they can be easily accessed.

    Universal Type Server (Annual Academic Subscription)

    $139.98 $200.00
    (In stock)

    The Enterprise Font Management Solution For Everybody