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    Studica Robotics is an affordable building system platform that offers everything you need to create sturdy robots of your own design! Our wide selection offers hundreds of parts and robotics kits which are ideal for use in Higher Education and K12 classrooms, with robotics teams, homeschoolers, hobbyists for prototyping robots, industry, and anyone who loves making robots. With a variety of structure and motion components, electronicshardware, and building kits, you'll find everything you need to make your robotic build ideas come to life.

    Why Choose the Studica Robotics Building System?

    High Schools and Middle Schools (7th and 8th grades) can incorporate the hands-on learning tools into their STEM curriculum to teach math, physics and computer science.  College and University robotics and computer science programs can use the platform to learn about control systems, sensors, programming and concepts related to artificial intelligence.  All components work easily together - no need for a machine shop or special equipment.  There are many unique advantages to this cutting edge building platform, including;

    • VMX Robotics Controller is the heart of an intelligent robot and includes software libraries, example code and many more features.  It can be programmed with Java, C++, Python, and ROS.  The VMX offers a multitude of modern digital
      communications interfaces and with a Linux-based operating system, users can directly access most modern devices like Intel RealSense tracking, LIDAR, and depth cameras.
    • Titan Quad Motor Controller is a powerful, 4-channel CAN-based motor controller with a built-in fuse-box (for DC motors up to 20A). Features 4 hardware encoder ports, 2 power extension ports to power other 12VDC devices, a built in
      LED controller, and more.
    • Structural Elements - The 3mm thick 6061-T6 aluminum structure is deburred, polished and blue anodized, making your robot or automation project strong, safe and stand out against the rest. The unique design pattern makes it easy to connect the structure, sprockets, motors, and gears. A large center hole makes it possible to integrate flange bearings to provide the ultimate support of shafts and motors. There are also a large variety of beams, flats, and brackets to allow you to build at multiple angles for unique chassis and mechanism. A multitude of mounting options for servos and DC motors mounts are available as well as gears, sprockets, pulleys, and chain. 
    • Motion Components - The Multi-Mode Smart Servo features an ultra-stout steel gear train to provide more torque. This angular programmable servo can fill a variety of roles on your robot or project. In the default mode, the servo can rotate 300 degrees while having positioning feedback. In this mode, the PWM signal will determine the position of the servo. Using the Smart Robot Servo Programmer (sold separately) the Multi-Mode Smart Servo can be configured to run in continuous, standard, and custom angular mode. A Maverick DC Gear Motor and a variety of wheel options are also available.


    • Studica Robotics - 3D CAD files - For anyone designing their robot or automation system using our Studica Robotics Building Set, you can find all the 3D .STP Files here (Patented). You can use solid modelling software such as PTC Onshape, Solidworks, and Fusion 360 to open and work with these files.
    • Training Videos - You can find training videos on the Studica Robotics products.

    Studica Robotics is a Global Partner and official exclusive product supplier for the WorldSkills Autonomous Mobile Robotics Competition for Lyon 2024 & Shanghai 2026 and is used in over 40 countries around the world. View Usage Map.

    ATTN: FIRST Teams - Studica Robotics is compatible with most FRC and FTC systems allowing you to combine structural components and electronics. You may be eligible for special pricing on robotics kits and parts. Submit this application form to find out. Also, check out our YouTube page to see Studica Robotics in action. If you need help, contact us.

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    Biohazard Material Yellow Ball

    (In stock)

    Biohazard Material Yellow Bin

    (In stock)

    This small yellow wastebin is recommended for use with the Waste Management Robotics Competition.

    Bracket Pack

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics Bracket Pack includes various degree brackets, flat brackets, L brackets, U brackets a T and an X bracket, ideal for your robotics designs.

    Bronze Bushing 6mm ID x 14mm OD (12 pack)

    (In stock)

    The Bronze Bushing 6mm ID x 14mm OD fits any of the channel and flat brackets having the commoncenter hole pattern of 14mm. The inside diameter will fit any of the D-Shaft axels.

    Inside Diameter:6 mm
    Outside Diameter: 14mm

    Bronze Bushing 6mm ID x 8mm OD (12 pack)

    (In stock)

    Cobra Line Follower Sensor

    (In stock)

    The Cobra Line Follower Array provides 4 X QRE1113 IR reflectance sensor mounted on a 9mm pitch Each sensor is comprised of two parts - an IR emitting LED and an IR sensitive phototransistor. When you apply power to the VCC and GND pins the IR LED inside the sensor will illuminate.


    DC Power Plug 2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD w/1m 18AWG cable

    (In stock)

    Ideal for the myRIO.

    • Inside Contact Diameter: 2.1mm
    • Outside Contact Diameter: 5.5mm
    • Termination Style: Solder Cup
    • Voltage Rating: 12 V
    • 6 Amp
    • 1 meter cord length
    • 18AWG or 20AWG wire guage
    • DC connector type

    D-Shaft Collar 6mm ID, 12mm OD (6 pack)

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics D-Shaft Collar is 6mm ID and 12mm OD. The inside diameter will fit any of the D-Shaft axles.



    Dupont Single Pin, 4 wire, female to female cable, 22AWG (2 pack)

    (In stock)

    Expansion Kit

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics Expansion Pack includes U channels, flat brackets, L brackets, D-shafts, bushings, spacers, gears, screw caps, nuts and standoffs, ideal for your robotics designs.

    Fastener pack

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics Fastener Pack includes socket head cap screws, kep nuts, nyloc nuts, a screwdriver and a wrench, ideal for your robotics designs.

    First Person View Kit - FPV2

    (In stock)

    Studica First Person View (FPV) System for WorldSkills Mobile Robotics. Features a Small lightweight video transmitter, 650TVL Camera with 2.8mm Wide angle lenses, and a 7-inch LCD HD screen.


    Flanged Ball Bearing 6mm ID, 14mm OD, 15mm FOD (12 pack)

    (In stock)

    The Flange Bearing 14mm OD fits any of the channel and flat brackets with the common hole pattern having a center hole of 14mm. The inside diameter will fit any of the D-Shaft axels.

    • Quantity: 1 or 12
    • Material: AISI440C stainless steel
    • Sealed Type: ZZ metal shields
    • Precision: ABEC-3
    • Clearance: C0
    • Lubrication:Kyodo SRL Grease
    • ID (inner diameter)/Bore:6 mm
    • OD (outer diameter): 14 mm
    • OD of Flanged Size: 15 mm
    • Width: 5 mm
    • Thickness of Flange: 1 mm
    • Step File

    Flats Pack

    (In stock)


    • 2 - 432mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76058
    • 2 - 384mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76059
    • 2 - 336mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76060
    • 1 - 288mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76061-2
    • 2 - 240mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76062
    • 1 - 192mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76063-2
    • 1 - 144mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76064-2
    • 1 - 96mm x 40mm Flat Bracket  76065-2
    • 1 - 192mm x 96mm Flat Bracket (2 pack)  76066-2

    FTC Starter Kit (2023-2024)


    New for the 2023-2024 Season, the Studica Robotics FTC Starter Kit includes many parts for building a robot for competitions.


    Download the Kit List here.


    FTC Teams are eligible to get 1 kit at a heavily discounted price. To apply for the discount please fill out this application form.



    Students can use components from the Starter Kit to build a robot of their own design.  Examples of the Starter Kit with customization are shown above in our images and video.